Samsung Galaxy Watch7 and Galaxy Watch Ultra Released: Next-Gen Smartwatches with Cutting-Edge Tech

Samsung Galaxy Watch7

Samsung has launched its latest smartwatches, the Galaxy Watch7 and Galaxy Watch Ultra, at the Galaxy Unpacked Paris event. These watches come with a host of new features and improvements, making them standout choices for tech lovers and fitness fans alike.

Samsung Galaxy Watch7

Samsung Galaxy Watch7: Smart, Sleek, and Stylish

Price and Models

The Galaxy Watch7 is available in several versions to suit different needs and budgets:

– Bluetooth 40mm: 1999 yuan ($275)
– Bluetooth 44mm: 2199 yuan ($302)
– LTE 44mm: 2499 yuan ($343)

In the U.S., the Galaxy Watch7 pre – order price starts at $299.99

New 3nm Processor

One of the key upgrades in the Galaxy Watch7 is its new 3nm penta-core processor. This powerful chip ensures smooth performance and fast response times, making the watch more efficient and enjoyable to use. The processor is a major leap forward, offering speed and reliability that enhances every aspect of the watch’s functions.

Enhanced BioActive Sensor

The Watch7 features an enhanced Samsung BioActive biosensor, equipped with 13 LED lights. This advanced sensor can accurately track health data such as heart rate and sleep patterns, providing users with valuable insights into their well-being. The improved sensor offers more precise readings, ensuring that users can trust the data for their health and fitness routines.

Dual-Frequency GPS

The Samsung Galaxy Watch7 is equipped with L1 + L5 dual-frequency GPS. This feature improves location accuracy, which is especially useful for outdoor activities like hiking or running. With dual-frequency GPS, users can explore new trails and routes with confidence, knowing that their location data is reliable.

Samsung Galaxy Watch7

Battery Life

The battery life varies between the two models:

– 40mm model: 300mAh battery
– 44mm model: 425mAh battery

This ensures that users can rely on their watch throughout the day without frequent charging. The robust battery life means that even on busy days filled with activities, the Samsung Galaxy Watch7 will keep up, providing all the necessary features without the need for a mid-day recharge.

Galaxy AI and New Features

Powered by Galaxy AI, the Watch7 introduces several new features, including:

  • Energy score function: Helps users understand their physical state and plan their day. This function provides a quick overview of one’s energy levels, guiding users on how to manage their day more effectively.
  • Voice-to-text function: Allows instant generation of text summaries. This feature is perfect for quick notes and messages, making it easier to stay connected without having to type.
  • Fitness tracking: Users can plan workouts with warm-up and rest sessions and track their progress over time. The fitness tracking function encourages a balanced exercise routine, helping users stay motivated.
  • Health functions: Includes heart rate warning, ECG, body composition measurement, menstrual cycle recording, and fall detection. These comprehensive health tools make the Watch7 a valuable companion for anyone looking to monitor and improve their health.

Galaxy Watch Ultra: Built for the Extreme

Price and Models

The Galaxy Watch Ultra is priced at 5,199 yuan ($715). In the U.S., the Galaxy Watch Ultra pre – order price starts at $649.99. It is available in three colors:

  • Titanium rock gray
  • Titanium platinum silver
  • Titanium porcelain white

Watch7 Ultra

Robust Design

The Galaxy Watch Ultra boasts a new design with a titanium body. It is built to withstand extreme conditions, including high temperatures of up to 55°C and water pressure of up to 10ATM. The watch has passed MIL-STD 810H testing, ensuring it can handle tough environments. This rugged design makes it ideal for adventurers and those who need a durable watch that can keep up with their lifestyle.

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Impressive Battery Life

The Galaxy Watch Ultra offers impressive battery life:

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– Up to 60 hours with “Screen Off Reminder” function activated
– Up to 80 hours with “Screen Off Reminder” function disabled

This extended battery life makes the watch ideal for long adventures and extended use. Whether on a long hike or a weekend camping trip, the Watch Ultra’s battery will last, reducing the need to carry extra charging equipment.

Samsung Galaxy Watch7 Ultra

Advanced Waterproof and Durability

The Watch Ultra provides 10ATM and IP68 waterproof performance, making it suitable for water sports. It also has an optional water sports strap that is easy to drain. These features ensure that the watch performs well in wet conditions, whether swimming, surfing, or diving.

Extreme Temperature Resistance

The Galaxy Watch Ultra can withstand a range of temperatures from -20°C to 55°C. It comes with an optional off-road sports strap and supports navigation and return-to-route functions, making it perfect for off-road adventures. The watch’s ability to handle extreme temperatures means it can be used in a variety of environments, from icy mountains to hot deserts.

Samsung Galaxy Watch7 Ultra

Safety Features

For added safety, pressing and holding the shortcut button for 5 seconds will activate a powerful 86-decibel siren, which can be heard up to 180 meters away. This feature is crucial for those who venture into remote areas, providing an added layer of security.

Cycling and Fitness Features

When cycling outdoors, the Galaxy Watch Ultra provides pace competition, navigation, and personalized heart rate zone functions. The watch also supports a personalized Functional Threshold Power (FTP) feature to help users improve their cycling performance. These cycling-specific features make the Watch Ultra a great tool for cyclists looking to optimize their training and performance.

Night Mode

When night falls, the Galaxy Watch Ultra’s display switches to a gentle night mode, reducing strain on the eyes. This mode adjusts the brightness and colors of the display, making it easier to read in low light conditions without causing discomfort.

Shared Features: Power and Performance

3nm Penta-Core Processor

Both the Galaxy Watch7 and Watch Ultra are equipped with the new 3nm penta-core processor, ensuring fast and smooth performance. This advanced processor handles all tasks efficiently, from tracking fitness to running apps, providing a seamless user experience.

Dual-Frequency GPS and Galaxy AI

Both watches also feature dual-frequency GPS and Galaxy AI, enhancing location accuracy and offering intelligent features to make daily tasks easier and more efficient. These shared features highlight Samsung’s commitment to integrating cutting-edge technology across its product line, ensuring that all users benefit from the latest advancements.


Samsung’s new Galaxy Watch7 and Galaxy Watch Ultra smartwatches offer a range of advanced features and improvements, making them top choices for anyone looking to upgrade their wearable tech. With their sleek designs, powerful processors, enhanced sensors, and intelligent features, these watches are sure to impress.

Whether you’re a fitness enthusiast looking for accurate tracking and health insights or an adventure seeker in need of a durable, high-performance watch, the Galaxy Watch7 and Watch Ultra have something to offer. Pre-order now to be among the first to experience these cutting-edge smartwatches, and get ready to elevate your tech game.

These watches not only cater to tech enthusiasts but also to those who need reliable, durable, and smart wearables for daily use and extreme conditions. With a focus on health, fitness, and safety, Samsung’s latest smartwatches set a new standard in the wearable tech market.

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