Poll: Front or rear fingerprint scanner?

A recent press release had us wondering which fingerprint location really is the most prefered? Which do you like front or rear?

UMi sent over one of their ‘news’ pieces earlier tell us the benefits of why the decided to place the fingerprint scanner on the front of their up coming UMi Touch model. Benefits they came up with were that you can use it in numerous situations but ultimately its more natural to use your thumb on the chin of a phone.

I don’t agree, and much prefer a rear fingerprint scanner. I find my index finger naturally rests on the scanner when I hold the a phone, and with the scanner on the rear the phone can be designed to be more compact.

vivo xplay5 hands on

It has got me wondering though, and I thought I would create this poll to see what your fingerprint scanner location preference is.

Take a vote below, and leave your reasons for your choice in the comments section below.

[poll id=”5″]

Also, in UMi’s news was a link to their latest flash sale on Amazon for phones and headphones.

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