Aiwear M2s health bracelet coming soon

aiwear m2s

The Aiwear M2s wants to rid your wrist of the Mi Band, with a simple display and more features.

I find with the current wearables that less is usually more. My problem with most is the fact that the most feature packed eat battery and I soon tire of charging the device every single day.

A more basic wearable means less battery drain and a longer life which is what we get here with the Aiwear M2s and its 15 days of battery life. That’s half what the Mi Band offers but what you get in return is a simple display so you can actually see reminders and even tell the time.

The wearable does what most similar devices do, so you have health monitoring (calories, steps, sleep) call notifications etc. The device also lets you remotely control your phones camera, it has a built in heart monitor and even fast charging.

2 aiwear m2s aiwear maiwear m2s2s

Aiwear didn’t disclose how much the M2S will sell for but it should be quite affordable and easily available in most markets through online stores.

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