OnePlus 2 Poll results are in and over %50 say you won’t buy the “2016 Flagship Killer”

oneplus 2

We have been hosting a poll asking if you would buy the OnePlus 2 now that it was all officially launched. After 1,283 votes and 177 comments the results are in!

The OnePlus 2 launched just a week ago and we have not only been surprised by the general feelings towards the phone but also the lack of interest it has generated.

Usually a phone launch generates a lot of traffic for the day of launch and following days. The Xiaomi Mi Note launch and Huawei Honor 7 launches both created very busy days at launch and for a few days after. The OnePlus 2 launch ranked as just a regular day in terms of traffic, but why?

Well we did know a lot about the OnePlus 2 before it launched. OnePlus themselves told us a little about the phone, then there were the TENAA leaks, and just hours before the launch conference real photos of the phone hit the web. This all helped to lower the excitement level.

Another reason were the specifications. We all knew from the start the OnePlus 2 would have an under clocked Snapdragon 810 chipset and to many this was the very definition of ‘settling’ the one thing OnePlus have often told us not to do.

As we learned the screen resolution was just 1080, and there would be just a 13 mega-pixel camera on board there was even less to get excited about (we’re not saying a 1080 display and 13 mega-pixel camera are bad, just that they are standard fair these days).

 %53 of GizChina readers won’t buy the OnePlus 2 

When OnePlus finally announced the full specifications many many fans were instantly upset with the lack of NFC, SD card, fast charging and to some extent the design (I actually have to admit the design is growing on me).

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So what was the overall feeling from the GizChina community? Would you be buying the OnePlus 2 now that it has launched? According to our poll %53 of GizChina readers won’t buy the OnePlus 2 either due to the lack of NFC, Quick charge or SD card, or because there are other phones which offer more for the money.

%30 of GizChina readers are on the fence and say that they are waiting for the OnePlus 2 reviews to be posted before making a decision, but only %17 of readers say they will definitely be buying the phone.

We actually expect that even fewer GizChina readers will end up buying the OnePlus 2. With customers expected to wait for an invitation to arrive, and with phones from Xiaomi, Huawei and ZUK on the horizon we believe that many potential OP2 buyers will end up choosing an alternate device.

The OnePlus 2 will begin to ship to customers and resellers in China this week, and we will hopefully receive our review unit (which is not coming from OnePlus) very soon. Watch out for our full OnePlus 2 Review.

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