Open Thread: What is your everyday phone?

xiaomi mi note

With so many Chinese phones available it is quite common for us to own more than one device, so which do you use as your everyday phone?

The last time I counted how many phones we had in the Gizchina office we were way above 30 devices! That’s a mix of low to high end phones from manufacturers ranging from Xiaomi, Oppo and Meizu, to new comers LeTV and affordable phones from Doogee, Mlais and Ulefone.

I believe the actual number of phones is now up to about 40, but with only 2 hands and so many pockets can only carry 2 with me at most and there is only one phone that I would consider my “daily driver”.

For anyone who has followed me this year you will already have a good idea of which two phones I use on a daily basis, for those of you who don’t they are the standard 16GB version of the Xiaomi Mi Note and the 16GB version of the LeTV Le 1 phone.

What we would like to know is which smartphone do you currently use as your daily driver? Don’t worry if its not a Chinese phone, if its an iPhone or Windows device, just tell us what you use on a daily basis and why.

I’ll start the ball rolling in the comments with the phone I use everyday. I look forward to hearing what you use.

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