Xiaomi Mi Note Review Update: SIM troubles

xiaomi mi note

A few weeks back I posted my Xiaomi Mi Note review and gave it a good old thumbs up, but now I am faced with annoying issue.

The Xiaomi Mi Note remains one of my favourite phones of all time, but is now relegated as being my second device. The reason is partly due to the face the LeTV Le1 is so damn good and feels a little less fragile, but another reason is due to a failed SIM reader.

The Xiaomi Mi Note has dual SIM support for LTE SIM cards, There is room in the SIM tray for a Micro and Nano SIM and from the day I received it I used the micro sim slot with my Vodafone LTE SIM card, but not anymore.

For some reason now the micro SIM tray has failed on my Mi Note. The phone still sees that there is a SIM inside but it will not connect to data or even allow phone calls to be made. Testing another SIM replicates the issue, yet those SIMs work fine in my LeTV Le1.

At present the Nano SIM in my Mi Note is still working fine. I will keep you updated with any other issues that might arise. Has any other Mi Note owner had a similar issue, or am I the only one?

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