It’s official 5-inch displays or smaller are more popular!

At the start of the week we posted a poll asking which if GizChina readers wanted larger 6.44-inch phablets. Well the results are in and we can confirm that smaller screen are still more popular by a long stretch!

After visiting a few Chinese phone manufacturers this week and seeing some of them preferring to launch larger phablet style phones we thought we would put it to the GizChina community to see if this is what you really want.

The reason for this poll was not to hate on large screen devices or push opinions, but to point out to Chinese phone makers that what we really want to see from them are great quality, bug free products. We don’t want them to start producing bigger and bigger phones if they haven’t created their best 5-inch (for example) phone. Also, I agree that it isn’t really the screen size that is the issues here but the overall phone size, this is also a problem as most of the 6.44-inch phablets had very large bezels making them larger still.

iocean skyfall phablet

We have left the poll running so feel free to make your votes now, but it is pretty clear from the current results that 6.44-inch phables are not as popular as companies are hoping for. Surprisingly, and worryingly for Oppo, 5.9-inch is the least popular!

It is no surprise that 5-inch phones are in the number one spot and smaller than 5-inch comes in second! Come on Chinese phone makers more devices like the Xiaomi Mi2a, Moto X and HTC One Mini are wanted!

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We’ll be posting further polls in the future so keep posted.

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