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Cheap smartphones still often carry the stigma of the unavoidable low quality or a semi defective devices. That’s not always true and you can find …

At the end of 2016 we have seen Oukitel releasing a budget oriented Oukitel C5 Pro model, but seems like they are not done yet …

The endless wait for the Vernee flagship model is finally over and Vernee Apollo is already sailing to the presale ports. Even though we would …

Zeblaze is a well known chinese smartwartch and smart wearables manufacturer and their portfolio is a quite extensive one. But after the square shaped Zeblaze …

Fresh Ulefone has been revealed on their official website and this time it’s a rugged outdoor warrior. And the new Ulefone Armor is even already …

Uhans phone portfolio is divided into several lineups with different features and aspirations. The latest addition to the “U” line is a successor to U100 …

Last time we heard about the Vphone brand has been in connection with the miniature Vphone S8 model, but today we have for you a …

The latest piece from the UMI’s phone jewelry box is named UMI Diamond and have just entered the presale period. So those looking for a …

The long awaited new Vernee model is finally oficially here, the launch happened on September 20th Shenzhen conference in China and the company CEO mr. … oneplus 2 hands on photos

It is confirmed that OnePlus will launch another device and hopefully in time for Christmas, but what features do you expect from the next OnePlus device?

xiaomi redmi note 2

It looks like August 16th is the date and Beijing is the place where we will see the Xiaomi Redmi Note 2, so what about the details? Keep reading for more.

xodiom phone

Cutting through the marketing bull, Xodiom have hit the web with bold claims, internatonal availability and a low price of only $329.99. Real or scam?

ecoo e02 shining

A pro phone at a low price? Well that is what ECOO are billing the ECOO Shining Pro as after announcing official pricing for their latest smartphone.

oneplus two

In an attempt to get a jump on other resellers a certain online store has already started listing the OnePlus Two months ahead of launch.

oneplus one yellow

The OnePlus One caught the tech world by surprise this year, but the real test is if they can do it again with the OnePlus Two. Take a look at these rumoured specs and see what you think.

thl t6s

THL have had an overall quiet year this year, but perhaps that was all part of the plan and they have been silently waiting so they can make a surprise attack with the low-cost THL T6S!

cube talk t3

A purported render of the next 3G enabled Cube Talk tablet leaks with a rough specification list.

jiayu g3c

Following up on the JiaYu G4C is the JiaYu G3C which uses the same classic G3 design but with a lower price and higher specification.

We are only a few hours away from the official announcement of the processor that will power the OnePlus One, so what a perfect time for a bit of speculation to hit the web.


Which CPU do you think OnePlus have settled on for their first flagship phone? Plus more details of the lateest OnePlus teaser.