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As of now, many must have forgotten the name “Jiayu” and you wouldn’t blame them, the last time anyone heard from the company is 2016 …

The MediaTek chipsets always had fame due to the good overall performance and low price ratio. However, they’ve always been one step behind its main …

Back in 2015, Jiayu was one of the best companies in the segment of Chinese smartphones. The company has a successful past, selling a considerable …

Team MAD are known for being the team that keep the JiaYu S3 constantly updated. As a result, the JiaYu S3 is now running a stable version of Nougat 7.1.1.

Seems like JiaYu’s devices still receive plenty of love from the community as the JiaYu S3 Plus has just received a brand new Android Nougat update…

jiayu s3+

Dev group TEAM M.A.D have managed to secure the kernel source code for the Jiayu S3 and S3 Plus and even bring an Android 6 based ROM for the phones.

jiayu s4

The JiaYu S4 has been surrounded in will they or won’t they mystery for some time, but finally it looks like the phone will be coming to the market and with the following specs.

jiayu m1

JiaYu’s German distributor has posted images and specs of the upcoming JiaYu M1.

jiayu s4

JiaYu’s fate might not be as bleak as once thought, and their official German distributor are telling fans to get set for a flagship Helio X20 device due mid-April.

jiayu s3 review

News about JiaYu has been on and off this past few months, and were not sure if this latest is good or bad news.

jiayu s4

We contacted JiaYu today to ask them their plans for 2016 and were surprised when the sent us details of a 5-inch and 6-inch phone that might launch this year.

Unboxing and first hands on video with the new JiaYu S3+ with new octacore Mediatek chipset and stock Android 5.1 ROM out of the box.

jiayu s3+

Rumours of JiaYu’s demise have been surfacing and resurfacing for some time, but today’s release of the JiaYu S3+ means the company are still in business.

Pictures of the upcoming JiaYu S4 have made their way to our machines, and they’re pretty-ish (with a lot of other phones mixed).

jiayu s3 review

Got a JiaYu S3 (3GB + 16GB)? Then you will most certainly want to head over to the JiaYu forums and download the official Android 5.1 update!

Along with news of their JiaYu S4 handset being a reality, JiaYu also mentioned another unnamed model to us, one that would cost only $30.

jiayu s4

A message from out of the blue this morning from JiaYu has confirmed the JiaYu S4 is real and will be launched at the start of December.

doogee x6 pro android m

In another shock announcement the team behind bringing us a new JiaYu phone have stated that they want to be the first Chinese phone maker to offer Android M, but there is a caveat.

jiayu s3 review

Chinese sources have confirmed that a New JiaYu phone is being prepared for launch before Christmas at around $150 to international customers.

The last months have been marked by the alleged bankruptcy of Jiayu, however a New Jiayu has born, and shows their first steps with new updates and CM12.1