Community blesses JiaYu S3 Plus with an Android Nougat ROM

Although JiaYu haven’t been too active recently, their devices still receive plenty of love from the community as the JiaYu S3 Plus has just received a brand new Android Nougat update courtesy of the guys over at XDA.

The ROM is still in its early days, which means things are still pretty unstable and the ROM isn’t suitable for daily use, but the mere fact that something like this exists is incredible and is proof of how much people enjoy JiaYu’s devices.

The ROM is only for the JiaYu S3 Plus, the versions of the device running the MediaTek MTK6753 processor. There still doesn’t seem to be a version for the normal S3, but we expect it may appear soon. The maker of the ROM has been steadily fixing issues, so kudos to him/her.


Good Ol’ JiaYu

If you wish to check out the ROM for yourself, the link to the XDA thread is right here. It’s truly astonishing that the S3 has managed to survive this long. What’s your take on this news? Do you have a JiaYu S3? Tell us in the comments below.

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