MediaTek’s Finbarr Moynihan gives market share, problems and processor info

MediaTek has been in the processor game for quite a long time, and now they’re finally seeing very positive results. Unlike a few years ago where nobody had any idea what a MediaTek was, these days MediaTek is prevalent in many devices from large companies like Sony all the way to smaller companies like Elephone.

This is reflected in an interview with MediaTek’s international corporate sales General Manager Finbarr Moynihan, where he claims that MediaTek had successfully claimed 30% of the market by the end of 2015, which should extend to 35-40% by the end of the year.

This is mainly thanks to the success of MediaTek’s processors in the Chinese, Indian and Southeast Asian markets where MediaTek’s sales have reached new heights. The the United States however things are less positive with MTK having less than 5% market share.

MediaTek’s international corporate sales General Manager, Finbarr Moynihan

Finbarr then states that the company has had problems trying to balance performance with power consumption, claiming that getting the best balance between the two is and has been a problem in the past, and continues to be till this day.

Aside from that, Finbarr also talks about MediaTek’s ten-core processors, strongly stressing that the focus isn’t on having ten processors powering the device at the same time but instead to use their Tri-Cluster architecture design to adjust to the users requirements at the time, reducing power consumption.

What do you think about MediaTek? Do you like their processors, or do you hate them? Tell us down in the comments below.


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