New smartphone brand launching $129.99 smartphone soon

Over the past 12 months we’ve heard of Chinese brands closing their doors or getting in trouble, but not many new companies have emerged. Well with just a few months left in 2016 there are rumours of an all new company on the horizon.

With quite a few good contacts in China I often get to hear the latest news and rumours ahead of others, so when a good contact of mine told me to keep an eye on up and coming brands I became quite intrigued.

Over the past 12 months there have been plenty of brands which we though would be around forever simply disappear, and even the giants of the Chinese phone industry are struggling. To give you a run down we have seen iOcean, IUNI, Amoi and others close their doors, while Jiayu struggle. Even Xiaomi are showing figures that they aren’t very happy with!

Even with this worrying market climate, it seems that there is still room in the market for a new smartphone brand, and in fact one maybe on the way sooner than we think.

Rumours on the grapevine are that a group of highly regarded industry talent have broken away from their respective roles at current brands to form their own smartphone brand with the aim to bring high-quality and well priced phones to China and the European market.

What’s more this new brand is said to be part of a large OEM with its own manufacturing, R&D and supply chains. This is a very important note as it means we can expect higher quality at lower pricing.

So far my sources haven’t revealed the name of the brand or many details of its phone, but what I have been told is the company name begins with the letter ‘C’ and its first phone is already undergoing testing in Europe! Pricing for the device is already set at around $129.99.

The rest of the details can only be taken from this exclusive photo sent to me. The image is a close up of a phone with CNC machined alloy chassis, protruding camera and a SIM slot.

The rest of the details are still under wraps.


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