Hello X20 powered JiaYu S4 expected mid April

Hello X20 powered JiaYu S4 expected mid April

jiayu s4

JiaYu’s fate might not be as bleak as once thought, and their official German distributor are telling fans to get set for a flagship Helio X20 device due mid-April.

The last time we spoke to our sources at the JiaYu factory was when they gave us details of a couple of rather lack luster phones, but plans might have changed and according to JiaYu in Germany a trio of phones are expected to come later this year.

News from the German JiaYu team is that the Chinese management of JiaYu are going to head to the country in mid April and will be take with them 3 new JiaYu devices.

Two of them, the JiaYu F3 and JiaYu F4, phones which we already posted details of earlier in the year, but the 3rd device is the one that we are really interested in seeing.

jiayu s4

Apparently a JiaYu S4 phone will be heading to market and the phone will launch with a Mediatek Helio X20 chipset, this is the same processor that Zopo are using in the Speed 8 and Doogee in the F7 Flag.

Other specs are not yet known, but we hope those details might be shared in April.

Keep posted for more JiaYu news.

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  • Hellvetta

    Jiayu, can you ever be unique?

    • Assefa Hanson

      relatively cheap nfc phone the s3 not unique enough for you? seems like many though it was unique back then

      • Hellvetta

        NFC? Who needs it ever? I just want fresh design for the next Jiayu flagship. Not Helio X20 equipped S3. With IR-blaster at least.

        • Assefa Hanson

          ohh design wise well i cant argue with that

          • LOLO

            But the Chinese need NFC.Is my opinion, the one which doesn’s have NFC will not be popular in China but iPhone.Just because NFC is truly convenient in China.

        • LOLO

          SO,what about your opinion?

  • jitender singh


  • geronimonster

    This story seems strangely familiar

  • Assefa Hanson

    happy to hear this the s3 was really god in my opinion

  • Mr.Flying Zoom3rz

    Lol they’re ALIVE!!!! ;D

  • Robbie

    Please keep the original concept of S4…

    I have changed a Jiayu G4S for a Bluboo Xtouch, but I am not happy with it…mainly with it´s camera and battery performance. If the S4 will ever be a reality, keep an option to use 2SIM+SD, good camera, max 5″ & CGG3, 3000+mAh battery, led notification, 3+GB RAM,32GB ROM…NFC,IRDA,Touch ID could be a bonus for me..We really need this kind of a phone! 🙁

    • Ivan Garcia Torregrosa

      I also did the same error buying the Xtouch. Very disappointing device with ridiculous battery consumption….. I will probably get a Mi 5 soon

  • Assefa Hanson

    is there any phone out there that has a charger like a laptop? so you can use the phone without the battery and have it just plugged int he wall?? if not pleas eoems implement this :/

    • Chico Migraña

      That is against portable phones are made, a laptop is different cause the battery time suckst there, could be a nice feature in the future when all this damn phones can’t handle with battery

      • Assefa Hanson

        well there a a few that can manage with it some big battery phones, wait im a little confused, your saying that laptops dont have that great of battery life generally right? and that our phones in general cant last long? just want to make sure i understand you

    • Joaquin Padilla Rivero

      Actually I’ve used a couple of old phones as alarms, and they work fine as long as they’re plugged. You shouldn’t have any issue, as long as the battery is removable.

      • Assefa Hanson

        i tried it with my cubot h1 and it doesnt work 🙁 it has a removable battery i just want to play games non stop lol, the battery is pretty good already lol

  • reb

    Really disappointing that the original concept was discarded… It looks like a jiayu g4 of 2013/14 🙁

  • E8hffff

    Great news.

  • Hello Moto

  • Abdullah Kösem

    Die jiayu die

    • Mario Pruteanu

      How bout you die pal? Just kidding

  • mannaoz

    I love my S3. Just have a annoying malware that I can’t seem to get rid of. I will be looking to buy this one for sure..

    • Mesterio

      I had the same problem, I have flashed XtremeRom 1.3( should update, not had the chance) which is Android 5.1. The phone believe it or not is better than before. The rogue malware was too irritating.

      • mannaoz

        Thanks for your reply.
        Would love to try the same but I have not been very successful at doing upgrades. Must be me. Do you have somewhere I can get instructions for an oldie to do this. My S3 has been a great phone so if I can improve it would be a bonus. Have tried to communicate with Jai Yu but never get any response. Any help most appreciated.

        • Mesterio

          Trying to find the easiest instructions not sure where I placed it

        • Mesterio

          OK found it. Make sure you follow well and do some background reading. Make sure you install the drivers for mtk, you should easily find it on the net. If you are not part of NeedRom then sign up because that is where you will get most of what you need.http://www.needrom.com/download/rom-xtreme-rom-tf/

          After the reading it gets confusing but it all boils down to to this:

          1. First of all make a full backup from your data.
          2. Install the preloader driver(e.g. All-MTK-USB-Driver-2014.rar).
          3. Download and extract flashtool(e.g. Flashtool_20140812(v5.1428.05.000).rar) and the flashtool version of this rom.
          4. Start the flash_tool.exe, load the scatter from the rom directory, make you sure all the rows are checked(preloader,lk,boot,recovery, ..etc.)
          5. Power off the phone
          6. Select the “firmware upgrade” and klick the green Download button.
          7. Connect your phone to the computer, if your driver installed correctly, tha flash will start imediatly.
          8. Power on your phone. Thats all.

          If you are stuck don’t hesitate to ask. Also the flashing tool is funny with win 10 , if you have win 7 it is better :). All the best

          • mannaoz

            Thank you for your help I will read this and then read it again.
            Will let you know the result.

  • smileypete

    Touch sensor might be good, unless there’s a true flagship in the works.

  • hans

    is this another phone , we gona wait for ever to show up on the market, and if, to get any updates

  • Riccardo Benzoni

    what made jiayu what it was was not the name printed on the back cover, but the well thought out devices (a few models per year) with nice build quality and functional software, if this one is the same jiayu then it could be great news, if it’s some other brand acquiring their name and producing second-rate device, no thanks.

  • Toby

    Shit SoC for an otherwise good manufacturer, one that has (generallly) made sturdy and well built phones. Jiayu is messing this one up – should have been an SD 650 / 652.

    Early as it may be, but I can tell you 2016 is NOT going to be MediaTek’s year.

    • Nolan

      Well, I’m unashamedly a Snapdragon admirer, but I disagree on the “MediaTek’s year” part.

      You see, even though these crappy SoC’s will never match a top dog SoC from QualComm or Samsung, but that’s their whole point! Since they’re somewhat cheaper (and significantly cheaper for the prime SoCs), they target a different demographic altogether.

      Low AnTuTu Scores, crappy GPUs, literally non-existent GPS that requires EPO files to get a lock (after 1 hour, on Wi-Fi, with Google’s enhanced predictions) are not the most pleasing experiences for many, but for others, it’s okay – they can live with it. For some, top of the line gaming performance, or extremely demanding multitasking are not day to day necessities.

      That’s where these mid-low end SoCs will shine and have a high demand.

      • Lubemark

        well Nolan maybe your knoledge of Mediatek SoC it’s a bit outdated: My MT6795T RedMi Note 2 GPS fix always fiw in few seconds even in cold start, GPU it’s a bit outdated but anyway trounces snapdragon 615/616 competition definitly…and likely MT6797 would smash every Qualcomm SoC but the costly 820

        • Nolan

          The preliminary impression of that overhyped piece of crap aka the 6797 (and the T variant) is that it barely keeps up with the 805 / 808 / 810 in synthetics as well as real world usage, so shut your trap and use some lube as your name suggests – it’s stuck to far up there for you it seems.

          6797T – what a joke. 2015-ish compute power and performance, in early 2016. What will happen by the end of the year? That SoC will likely get fitted into sub $250 phones from the likes of Doogee and Zophone…..lol.

          • Nilzie

            Troll or retard alert

      • balcobomber25

        “Low Antutu score” That pretty much sums up your post.

        • AliGatoR

          Worldwide sales indicate that Samsung (Exynos), Apple (A8/A9) and Huawei (Kirin) dominated 2015 in almost all regions. So last year was definitely not the year of MediaTek, except for folks from the third world where MediaTek is king due to its ridiculously cheap prices on low end SoCs (MT6589 and MT6592 junk phones which still sell like crazy at sub 90$ prices)


          • balcobomber25

            Your worldwide sales numbers are incredibly flawed. Samsung uses more Qualcomm chips than Exnyos chips. Huawei uses a variety of chips besides its own Kirin chips. Xiaomi and Lenovo use a variety of chips including MTK. But the biggest flaw is you ignored the “others” section which has the largest percentage of sales at 45%. Without knowing what phones are included in the “others” we have no way of knowing. Not to mention those numbers are for only 1 quarter of 2015.

  • LastoftheBrunnen_G

    I’m not very optimistic about this particular SOC and fear this will be MediaTek’s Snapdragon 810. If things were fine with this SOC it would have been out already and not tricking in from obscure vendor handsets.

  • Pensaba que Jiayu estaba muerta como marca. Este modelo lleva sonando desde hace mucho. A ver si finalmente sale a la venta de verdad y con este hardware.

  • highwind

    Looks like no fingerprint, no type-c and onscreen buttons … :-/

  • Steven Fox

    What they failed to mention is that the launch of those phones will be in June/July, not in April.