Jiayu is alive! Sets a countdown to launch a OTA Update app and teases CM12 for their devices.

When we stop to think about the Chinese companies that was responsible to give the today’s expression of the Chinese Market, names like Xiaomi, Meizu and Huawei sounds quite obvious. But in fact is impossible to give all the credits only for those giant companies, more when the Chinese market goes far beyond, with various other companies and startups that most of us know well, And one of them is Jiayu.

Jiayu is a company that’s was been around for some time in the market, having a large community of users, as well as developers and fans, the latter group is something common in the bigger ones, but rare when comes to the smaller, and this show as Jiayu is considered special among others, could be due to some high quality devices launched trough the years as well their ability to learn from mistake, despite some others companies. (That’s for you Zopo.)

Last month, a rumor popped trough the community, news that talked about a supposed bankruptcy of Jiayu. This reports of course frightened fans of the brand, as well the consumers that have acquired the Jiayu S3, one of the handsets launched this year by the company and also one of their biggest hits to date. Indeed the rumors, showed in fact that the company bordered on bankruptcy, the causes you can imagine, but we can already say that China is a very difficult market to compete, and currently saturated. Keeping a slow launch and selling profile is something dangerous, most when comes to small companies that with wrong marketing choices can simply disappear.

However, the company managed to work around the problem thanks to the support of new investors, this partnership promised to bring a New Jiayu, something that is worth nothing to mention is that the same investors that now are running the company were already long-standing partners of Jiayu, then we can expect only good changes for to the company while they will continue to be the Jiayu that we already know.

The last days were marked by a company hiatus, generating many questions among users, according to the company a long restructuring is being done, we can highlight the change of the company’s HQ in the next days as well the move of workers to other factories. But in the meantime the company is keen to show that it is more alive than ever, and for that the German portion of Jiayu, have now launched a countdown through their page that will end in the coming monday August 10, according to them when the counter reaches zero a company app will be available through the Google Play Store.

This will give to the users the ability to update their phones directly from the app, a way that is more user-friendly in counterpart to every previously flashing process. In addition the company also points out that is working to update some of their handsets to CyanogenMod 12.1, they also states that already have bugfree versions for the Jiayu G4S and G5S, both launched in the last year, and the Custom Rom may arrive soon for other devices as the S2, S3, G6 and F2. We can already check some images that proves the phones running the OS. That are great news, and goes beyond that most of users have expected.

These latest news show that we still have a lot to expect from the company, and we all hope that every change is for the better, especially for us consumers. What you think about it? Is the New Jiayu something that worths to keep an eye? Don’t forget to leave your opinion about it, as well your prospects and requests for the future of the company. For now it’s everything, but any new details we will report.

[ Jiayu.de]
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