Video: Opening up the OnePlus 2 takes some meticulous hands oneplus 2 hands on photos Oneplus 2 hands on photo

The OnePlus 2 doesn’t seem to have created the sort of hype its first generation version managed, but the phone is still quite a bargain for the price.

It was learnt recently that shipments would be delayed for North America, which was soon followed by an announcement which said that invite rollouts have been slowed. This means that you’ll probably have to wait longer to get your unit of the OnePlus 2 in your hands. Why not spend the time meanwhile checking out the insides of the phone?

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The good folks over at Chigon spent some time disassembling the phone for you. Be warned, you’re on your own if you decide to do this; you might not be able to put it back together for all you know. Also, it’ll take some really patient hands.

OnePlus 2 Disassembly: Video

It is pretty amusing to see how small a motherboard with a configuration as powerful as the OnePlus 2 could be. That’s technology for you!

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