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Samsung S10 Energy Ring App brings a Battery Indicator around the Camera

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Effective communication between people from all parts of the globe is possible thanks to translation. The world is slowly but surely becoming globalized, so the …

Samsung S10 Energy Ring

This year’s Samsung Galaxy S10 uses what the company calls Infinity-O display, which is basically a camera hole in the top right corner of the …

Commander One Review

If you woke up this morning and found a dubious looking “Status” tab in WhatsApp messenger, then this write-up might show you a thing or two.

Waze is one of the most popular and intuitive platforms for GPS navigation. Today a new update is being deployed for the app improving the …

Xiaomi is still on a path of non-stop destruction, and now they’re here for your dogs. The latest product from the Chinese startup is the PETBIT. It’s a water and shock resistant dog tracker to help you keep track of your possibly wet dog.

Blackview BV8000 Pro

Blackview has always been working hard to bring high quality devices to the masses, while providing a smooth and bug-free user experience. This latter part gets …

Blackview BV8000 Pro and AZDOME GS63H

Blackview is a mobile phone manufacturer that we know very well here at GizChina. They make some of the best rugged phones on the market …

Azdome GS63H

Some weeks back, Azdome launched the world’s first 4k dash cam – the Azdome GS63H. The device is equipped with a powerful Novatek96660 chip and …

Chinese camera manufacturer Kehan is making sure the control application for their products is easily obtainable and accessible, so after pairing it with your smartphone …

google maps

Google Maps users should prepare for a major update to the navigation app with two new major features coming.

meizu e

Meizu’s E phone (now believed to mean “Elite”) has been leaked again now with a new remote car application preinstalled.

For all of you who have been eagerly awaiting the arrival of the Prisma app on Android, the wait is over. The app is now …

xiaomi drone app

Xiaomi drone rumours continue today with a purported iOS application showing up for download for a brief time before being taken down, but a few …

cubot cheetah

Cubot and mobile app maker Cheetah Mobile have teamed up to launch an octacore smartphone running Android 6.0.

The last months have been marked by the alleged bankruptcy of Jiayu, however a New Jiayu has born, and shows their first steps with new updates and CM12.1

CyanogenMod’s Gello is a Chromium based open source browser with a lot of customization options.

Xiaomi’s rise to success in China without the need of Google services is worrying the search giant.

miband ios

Xiaomi’s low-cost Mi Band sports tracker is getting is getting an iOS compatible app and a new range mate, a more expensive smartwatch.

Battery life is a real hot topic in the smartphone world. While phones are more powerful than ever their battery life has taken a beating, so it is exciting to see claims like Qualcomm’s that the OPO can give 60 hours of audio!

xiaomi identification app

Apple, HTC and Samsung aren’t the only ones who have to contend with clone makers, Xiaomi have also been working to fight them for a long time and have released an app to help worried customers.