Vernee Apollo Lite with tri-cluster CPU architecture promises energy efficient usage

Smartphone users are always in demand of longer battery life and the most effective and efficient usage. And well Vernee is quite adamant that all these things are coming packed in their latest device, the Vernee Apollo Lite. And you ask how that is achieved ?

Well all those attributes are possible thanks to using the modern architecture and functions of the deca-core Helio X20 processor, which is one of the most important Mediatek products for 2016. This CPU with 20nm technology and tri-cluster architecture allows not just smooth multitasking and solid performance, but also power efficiency and longer battery life. Mediatek officially claims it can save up to 30 % energy compared to last generations, but that’s probably way too optimistic.Still any energy saved is welcome.

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And because the Vernee Apollo Lite uses the Helio X20 processor it should reap all the benefits packaged with it. And Vernee have just released a video, where they demonstrate the real-time performance of the Helio X20 inside their phone.

Vernee are planning also to make a splash on the european markets so let’s hope for the best and if you would be interested in the Apollo Lite then you can get a 30 dollar discount just by registering at this page.

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  1. Lazar Prodanovic
    July 28, 2016

    The SoC is far cry from being optimized for power consumption two quad A53 clusters simply suck more power & studies based on Exunos 8870 even show that one quad A53 pared cluster with more power hungry A57 cores actually spends more

    • Floans
      July 28, 2016

      i disagree, there has a video that X20 performance compared with Exnoys 8890 :

      • Lazar Prodanovic
        July 28, 2016

        & don’t really give a damn about what you agree to it or not. It’s simply how the things are. & the video is pitiful.

        • quodvadis
          July 28, 2016

          “i only believe what i want to believe, screw evidences!”

          pitiful indeed lol

      • Kerry
        July 29, 2016

        It lost throughout the video, on app loading, on display and transition smoothness, the gaming bit, then GeekBench (both single and multiple core scores).

        The only oddity is AnTuTu where it scores lower on paramters except CPU and Ram (Ram doesn’t count though), so shut the fuck up you broke a$$ ball tugging hermaphrodite.

        MediaTek is a poor man’s choice when you put aside all the bullshit of “we know better” or “gaming frames doesn’t matter”. The throne in every segment belongs to Samsung or QualComm, with sometimes hard to choose offerings from each.

        MediaTek? Asswipes only.

  2. Tommi
    July 28, 2016

    Helio x30

    CPU: 2x A73 (2.8GHz) + 4x A35 (2GHz) + 4x A35 (2GHz)
    GPU: Mali-G71 MP16