Cutepad Z7 is one Sexy sub $100 Tablet!

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cutepad z7 android tablet 1 Cutepad Z7 is one Sexy sub $100 Tablet!

Front facing camera, 1Ghz CPU and a shockingly low price!


Just look at the Cutepad Z7 laying there all innocent looking with it’s glossy 7-inch panel and faux Samsung Galaxy Tab looks!

You know you want to go and ask how much the Cutepad is, but it just looks too classy and expensive, it must be at least a couple of hundred dollars!


cutepad z7 7 inch tablet Cutepad Z7 is one Sexy sub $100 Tablet!

Cutepad Z7 features a 5 point multi touch screen


I mean just look at that gorgeous specification! a responsive 7-inch touch screen with sensitive 5 point multi-touch, a hot and fiery Cortex A8 1Ghz CPU and 512Mb of RAM! It’s just so seductive!

How can they call this a Cutepad!


cutepad z7 android tablet 2 Cutepad Z7 is one Sexy sub $100 Tablet!

The z7 has enough grunt for gaming and HD video


I can’t keep my eyes from the pin up brochure! 4Gb of internal memory, Android 2.2 operating system, Adobe Flash HDMI out and front facing camera for sex video calls!

The svelte body even has all sorts of ports for me to place my ….. SD card, and USB’s in.

From every angle the Cutepad Z7 7-inch tablet looks better and better and…… oh my goodness…..


cutepad z7 android tablet 3 Cutepad Z7 is one Sexy sub $100 Tablet!

7-inch Cutepad z7 Android Tablet sub $100


Dressed in a little white number!

That’s it I need to know! How much is this sexy little Chinese tablet! $78?!!!! All of that gadget goodness for so little? I wonder if they’ll do me a deal on two?!

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  • andy

    Where can i find this????could you put a link to where did you find at this price?

    • Andi

      I found it on