How To Root The Meizu MX Video

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meizu mx 8 mega pixel camera 1024x742 How To Root The Meizu MX VideoThe dual core version of the Meizu MX has been out for a while, and as such has finally been graced with a hack to bring full root access to the Chinese smartphone. Full video and instructions on how to root the Meizu MX after the jump.Although the Meizu MX is only officially available in China and Hong Kong this hasn’t stopped the phone from gaining popularity in foreign markets.
The dual core version of the Meizu MX has managed to generate so much interest in foreign markets that an official how to root video and tutorial has been buy together by the folks over at the XDA developers board.

The video how to shows how to root the Meizu MX using easliy available Android hacking tools all available from the XDA web forums.

Watch how to Root the Meizu MX Video

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