Looking for a cheap back to school ultrabook? Take a look at the new alloy Grefu!

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Ultra thin laptop computers are really an exciting and extremely useful tool to have, especially if you heading back to school and already have a ton of books to carry around! But rather than spending a huge amount of cash on a Macbook Air, why not take a look at this all alloy Grefu ultrabook from China?!

Grefu have managed to contain themselves with their latest creation. Unlike other products this Chinese electronics manufacturer has produced such as amazing Macbook Air Clones and iPad 3 knock offs, their latest all alloy ultrabook is a more unique looking (less exciting?) offering.

Grefu say that this is a ‘true all alloy’ ultrabook, they say this as most low-cost Chinese laptop manufacturers tend to make the lid/top of their ultrabooks from alloy while making the main body from plastic. I can’t confirm this is true, but this is what they are claiming.

The all alloy body looks quite stylish, if a little fatter than other similar products, and features a great looking keyboard, large trackpad area and a good-sized 13.3inch display with a resolution of 1366 x 768.

An Intel Atom D525 CPU, 2GB RAM and a 25o GB hard drive should offer enough performance for taking notes, and browsing the web, and keeps the Windows 7 Os running smoothly.

Head over to the Grefu website for more info.


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