Workers at Apple Foxconn Factory Rioting over guard beatings!

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Breaking news this morning! It turns out that factory workers at a Foxconn factory, and Apple supplier in TaiYuan, China have been rioting due to alleged beatings by Foxconn guards! Photos and video after the jump.

Reports over a TechinAsia state that unconfined rioting took place last night at an Apple supply factory owned by Foxconn. The rioter have smashed show and restaurant windows, which looks to have kicked off due to alleged beating of a Foxconn worker by guards.

 Workers at Apple Foxconn Factory Rioting over guard beatings!

The photos above show the aftermath of the riots which were posted on China’s Weibo microblogging platform.

Video of rioters at Foxconn factory in China.


unfortunately this is not the first time alleged beatings have been reported at Foxconn, the first time international media picked up on this was at the start of the Foxconn suicides!

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  • Randy Fabros

    Breaking News….. Apple was supplying Crystal Meth to their workers to finish off production of the New IPhone 5 in order to compete with Samsung’s new model the S3. What they didn’t realize was the side effect that cause workers to riot and the guards beating up over dosers as workers are getting addicted to the drug…….
    Just kidding…….lol

  • man

    thats what happens when u keep delaying G3