ZTE Grand X LTE hopes to be a Nexus 4 rival (it won’t)

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If you like the overall specification of the LG made Google Nexus 4 but feel you can’t live without LTE then you might be tempted by the ZTE Grand X LTE, but be sure to check the specs carefully before making your decision!

Like the Google Nexus 4 and Xiaomi M2 the ZTE Grand X comes equipped with a quad-core Qualcomm S4 1.5Ghz CPU which is said to be the most powerful quad-core mobile phone chip available on the market. There is also 2GB RAM on-board too so you know the Grand X is going to be no slouch!

The real stand out features of the ZTE Grand X LTE are the fact the phone comes with 4G LTE support, something which both the Nexus 4 and M2 lack, and also the price which is considerably more than the other phones at $410!

Worst still the more expensive ZTE Grand X has a low resolution 540 x 960 4.3 inch screen and the 8 mega-pixel rear camera is only capable of shooting 720 video where as the Xiaomi M2 can film 1080!

I’m not entirely sure ZTE have thought the Grand X LTE through and I’m sure most customers would happily ditch LTE in favour of a lower price tag, better rear camera and higher resolution screen.

What do you guy’s think?


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  • PeterP

    I agree, sounds a stupidly overpriced phone. WTF are ZTE thinking.
    Especially when the U950 is just $160 and only lacks LTE.
    Can’t you get a portable LTE hotspot or something? Grand X needs to be a fair bit cheaper then the Nex4.
    Google just rewrote the entire phone market and everyone needs to catch up on their pricing me thinks.

  • Olivier

    Xiaomi M2 still better XDDDD !!!
    ZTE have a new flagship Nubia Z5 !!!

  • 1

    This phone uses dual core S4, not quad.
    This change the whole picture.
    Check again and correct your mistake

  • J-Bird

    Huge advantage of the Nexus 4 is always getting the latest updates while the Chinese phones almost always come with the guarantee of no updates at all.