iPhone 5S leaked components suggest IGZO Retina+ display and better camera

leaked iphone 5s components
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According supply chain sources, the 7th generation iPhone (iPhone 5S maybe?) may come with higher resolution screen and higher pixel camera.

The so-called “Retina+” Display update is thought to be Apple’s attempt at keeping up with the higher resolution 1080 screens found on the majority of flagship Android phones for 2013, displays which the current 4-inch 1136 x 640 screen struggles to keep up with.

Source from close to Apple’s supply chain suggest the new display would have to be an IGZO panel from Sharp, which can offer high pixel numbers on such a small screen.

With the higher resolution display it is also expected that Apple will boost the rear camera to a 13 mega-pixel sensor, and also fit a larger battery to the new iPhone 5S.

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