Dear Apple please don’t let this plastic iPhone 5 be your budget option

plastic iphone 5 leaked
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Leaked photos show the plastic rear shell of the rumoured plastic iPhone 5, let’s keep our fingers crossed that it turns out to be a cheap Chinese knock-off!

Apple are slowly loosing their grip on the smartphone market. Boo me if you want, but friends of mine who were firm iPhone users are slowly feeling the pull of lower cost, better performing Android devices.

It’s not that the iPhone is a bad phone, it’s a great one in fact and one of the best made money can buy, however it is stuck in the past and lacks any of the Apple ‘Magic’ or innovation we expect!

So what are they preparing for 2013? It has to be something extraordinary amazing! super sexy, something packed full of Apples patented ‘Magical innovation’, or wait …no its a cheap looking plastic lump with an Apple logo on the back…..

According to reports the photo above is of the much talked about low-cost iPhone which will launch this year. As you can see the body is made of plastic, which we have seen on numerous Android phones can luck classy, yet Apple have made it look like a partially melted block of ice-cream!

Come on Apple we’re all for a low-cost iPhone, but this is just plain crap!

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  • Lola

    i find this quite rude actually ..what’s wrong with plastic? samsung devices are made of plastic and look how well they sell? not fair

    • Andi

      Please read:

      As you can see the body is made of plastic, which we have seen on numerous Android phones can luck classy, yet Apple have made it look like a partially melted block of ice-cream!

      Not criticising plastic, but Apple’s poor show.

    • Leo

      Our friend Lola here seems to be quite the Apple fangirl. There is absolutely nothing wrong with plastic, but Apple’s plastic case ere is horrible. Look at the JiaYu G4. It looks awfully similar, but the plastics on the Jiayu are lot more better looking than that crap.

      • Lola

        What a presumptuous assumption you’ve made Leo
        i like apple’s ipads and ipods and that’s about it, the iphone only owned the 3G at the time it seemed right but after samsung’s androids.. well..
        i felt like the article was more focused on the possible Iphone 5 material than it’s design apparently it’s the design
        Jiayu G4 looks interesting i would like to have one, i admit to give it a try on these chinese phones

  • Freeje

    As the saying goes, “If you can’t beat them – join them!” I see nothing wrong with the plastic case of the S3. Still better than the iphone.

  • Vivi

    It’s undeniable that Apple have competition and there are other options to buy, but a budget iPhone will be popular – people know when they buy Apple you receive a high quality and reliable experience.

    Budget Chinese Android has it’s attractions, but it has serious drawbacks – small chance of official updates to Android (unless you are of the 0.0001% of the super geek market who installs hacked roms), buggy, often non-working GPS/ unreliable Wi-Fi, creaking phone enclosures etc etc.

    • Leo

      If you have ever used a Xiaomi Mi2, you know what a waste it is to buy an iPhone. First, the Xiaomi Mi2 has a far better display 342ppi compared to iPhone 5’s poor 326ppi. Xiaomi also beats the iPhone 5 in pure raw power with it’s quad core 1.7GHz Snapdragon processor. Apple has a 1.3Ghz dual core. Camera performance is similar, although the new M2S pretty much beats most phone cameras with it’s 13MP high quality camera. In fact, the only niches the iPhone has is it’s design. In terms of battery life, OS updates, affordability and pure value for money, iPhone is nothing compared Xiaomi. Oh yeah, the Xiaomi is also a ton cheaper than the iPhone.

      • Andi

        Agree, Agree, Agree

  • Airyl

    I recognize that slab of ice cream. It’s the slab between the biscuits in the Android ICS logo right?

    • Andi

      :) like this

      • Vertul

        hello there i just wanted
        to know When will Lenovo k900
        launch? And can you recommend some PREMIUM android
        smartphones under 3000yuan .As
        my uncle is in China for a week and
        he can bring it from there. Will it
        work in India?Thanks in advance

  • gerstavros

    iOS is a crap