White Meizu MX2 poses for the camera

White Meizu MX2 poses for the camera


Meizu fans over in Russia have photographed the yet to be released Meizu MX2 white edition.

Meizu haven’t done anything exciting for a very long time! Their last big launch, the Meizu MX2 occurred in January, and their 2nd big launch of the MX2 on China Mobile (the world’s largest carrier) was canceled at the last minute due to Meizu’s reluctance to pre-install bloatware on their phone (kudos!).

So what do Meizu have for us while we patiently wait for the MX3 and the rumoured entry-level ‘Blue Charm’? Well from these photos nothing at all special!

Russian tech site mobiltelfon.ru snapped these photos of the white MX2, which according to the report is exactly the same as the current black version, only white! WOW!

We would have thought a mid-life speed bump or updated camera were in order, but obviously Meizu don’t agree.

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  • ahmed

    hey andi can i buy it in india and should i go for this phone or xiaomi mi2s or wait for xiaomi mi3 or meizu and according to u which is the best among the four of them and others also help coz i m quite confused between the four of them

    • prasadh

      first is it possible to get in india….i too wish to buy xiaomi

      • ahmed

        hey bro u can buy them through online site like spemall and aliexpress and many more