Update: SpeMall Offering JiaYu G4 discount to GizChina readers!

Update: SpeMall Offering JiaYu G4 discount to GizChina readers!

[templatic_msg_box type=”alert”] Hello, Everyone, Special offer 200 pcs Jiayu G4 were alerady sold out on 26th, June in spemall.com, so the coupon codes for jiayu G4 is expired now. If you still need Jiayu G4 basic, the price will be $244.9USD/pc as on the website [/templatic_msg_box]

Chinese phone reseller SpeMall have set up some Jiayu G4 discount codes for GizChina readers wanting to save some money on their JiaYu G4 orders!

SpeMall have updated this offer to new discount codes, see below.

The JiaYu G4 is one of the best quad-core Mediatek MT6589 phones we have used this year. The quality of manufacture is very good, the Lewa ROM is excellent and the performance is on par with much costlier phones! It’s no wonder the G4 is selling fast!

Chinese phone reseller SpeMall are offering GizChina readers a discount on their JiaYu G4 orders and also offering special bundles which include useful G4 accessories. The coupon codes are as follows and the link to buy JiaYu G4 is here.

Option A

JiaYu G4 Basic, 1.2Ghz quad-core phone original price $244.99 – Save $20 with the JiaYu G4 coupon code: 10dayG4A Price after discount $224.99.

Option B

JiaYu G4 Basic + folding stand + screen protector + silicon case + OTG cable original bundle price $269.76 – Save $33 with coupon code: 10dayG4B Price after discount $236.76.

Option C

JiaYu G4 Basic + folding stand + screen protector + flip case + OTG cable original price $277.86 – Save $38 with coupon code 10dayG4C Price after discount $239.86.

For Optoin A, Optoin B and Optoin C, you can choose the right Optoin directly from the products page. Also, phones will be shipped in 10 days. For check shipping cost before ordering, pls click: ”Shipping cost” button, which is on the right side of “description button” for each product.

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If you have any issues contact SpeMall.

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  • Simon

    Excellent….Discounts for GizChina readers that is what we like to see 🙂

  • AndyW

    That’s a good deal and they appear to have the phones in stock.

    Tempted! But might hold out for a “turbo” variant although who knows when they’ll be available……

  • Pablo

    Dear gizchina readers, what do you know about spemall?,any experience? i don’t know about this shop so i am a little bit unsure..

  • AndyW

    Perhaps Andi can comment on that one. They do accept Paypal though and that’s what I’d be looking to use for such a purchase to give me some protection.

    • I haven’t heard anything to cause concern, but I always recommend using Paypal to protect yourself.

  • David

    Base on my experience, spemall is reliable, i was brought my onda V972 from them at 17 Jan. at that time, V972 is a hot cookie, and it is short in supply, spemall promised ship in 7days, and they sent earlier as they promised, it take 4days via DHL, and the tablet works fine. i am happy with my experience buying on spemall, now the same situation for JIAYU G4, and this is really a Excellent Deal

    • Simon

      I know people who have ought from them, they had no problems. They also have a good Vlog (or used too)


    This is an excellent initiative in principle. But I sense that there is a small flaw in the manner of using it..

    1. Selecting the SPEMALL ‘Product Code’ should be ‘accident free’ and ‘flawless’

    2. Using the ‘product code’ should be all that is necessary to select the whole ‘package’ of items – and the process should be ‘accident free’

    3. I assume that ‘drop shipping’ can be applied to a ‘package code’ … Answers please ?

    Good luck with this initiative!

    • AndyW

      Blimey, tough crowd in tonight.

      • Greg

        LOL, agreed 🙂

  • Joseph

    Yeah, this is what many pple like me have been waiting since ages. Finally, i can breathe easy now! Woderful initiave, Gizchina and Spemall. Keep going!

  • Joseph

    Hi Andi, i understand u recommended using Paypal for buyers protection but what about using Western Union just for this great offer since it is an exclusive offer to Gizchina.com readers and you are the founder, editor, etc. So, if something goes wrong, can you offer us your help? You know, creating a Paypal account in India is not an easy task, especially for students like me.

    • Clarity please …

      Are AndiW and Andy Sykes the same person ?

      I just need to know to whom I am speaking (grin …)

      • Simon

        Or even Andi Sykes ?

  • Sorry …. correction

    Clarity please …
    Are AndiW and Andy Sykes the same person ?
    I just need to know to whom I am speaking (grin …)

    That should have read ….

    Clarity please …
    Are AndyW and Andi Sykes the same person ?

    I just need to know to whom I am speaking (grin …)

    • No, different people.

      • Eva Liu

        yes…Andi is a handsome…..lol..hahha

      • Hi Andy,

        You tell me Guvnor … He’s in the chat stream on the SPEMALL discussion !

        Slightly confusing innit ?

        I sense he is from India.

        • Oooops !

          You see … I should have said ‘Hi Andi’ … my apologies !!

  • Hexen

    In these offers the seller gives an OTG cable. I wonder is G4 supports OTG already?

    • John

      Comfirmed with spemall, it already support OTG function from hardware from this batch, that is why they offer an OTG cable

  • Eva Liu


  • Hello,

    I just tried the SPEMALL code ’10dayG4B’ on their site and CONFUSION was the result.

    Their VERY HELPFUL … English speaking … Chat operator … accepted my comments about the code needing to be … complete …clear … and NOT changeable … and he said he would make that proposal to his company.

    This is all good news and I am delighted to find a Chinese organisation that LISTENS !!!

    All power to GIZCHINA and SPEMALL !

  • nidget

    Great initiative. I have just bought one (option C).
    Thank you very much ! 🙂

    • Good news ……………………

      My comments are addressed to what happens if someone wants to change the ‘package’ as offered.

  • dreamer

    slight problem encountered from spemall. ordered jiayu g4 basic black and jelly case black they sent me white. Did ask them before I ordered if black is on stock and they told me yes.

    • SpeMall

      Hi, dreamer,

      Do you have order number? so i can check for you.

  • burnt_52

    Murphy’s law. I bought one yesterday 🙁

    • Norman Zakaria

      Lol. If they haven’t shipped it yet you could ask for a cancellation!

      • burnt_52

        Unfortunately it has. That was the first thing I checked!

  • Tivver

    Sounds quite a good deal. I’m not interested in the cases/protectors but OTG functionality is important to me. However, the packs are a bit confusing. The spec table shows the standard accessories include the OTG cable, but then it’s also mentioned as an extra in packs B and C.

    Having read a mixture of good and bad about spemall on trustpilot, the specs may not be reliable. Could pack A be the earlier model without OTG feature?

    • Tivver

      Correction, the spec page has now been changed and does not show OTG cable included. Waiting for an email reply on whether pack A has OTG support.

    • Angelona

      Option A do not including OTG cable, if you only need the OTG cable, you could choose option A and add the OTG cable together with jiayu G4 to shopping cart, it still works. and in this way the OTG cable cost you 4.3USD instead of 5.9USD, lol

  • talk2ekpa

    Waiting for such discount offer for xiaomi mi3

    • Carles

      Hope spemall keep going for xiaomi mi3. this is really good deal for such a short supply device jiayu G4

    • Simon

      It might happen 😉

  • Manos

    I have order 2 phones one G4 and one G2S I think is a good seller! In the week I will have the phones he give me the tracking number to know.
    For me I will buy again from this seller!

  • Loukas

    Well shipping isn’t free costs $20-$30 so whatever …..

    • Manos


    • Vasilica

      As far as i know most of free shipping from china is china post, but the china post is not reliable on time and safty, most of time it will take more than 30days to most of country in the world. for such a expensive phone, the expedited shipping is must, spemall offer very low in shipping cost. I like spemall, already brought opton B

  • Putbinoot

    Has anyone been able to find out if their phones have working USB otg, as I’m curious to see how jiayu can send out phones where this does not work and ones where it does, how is the consumer able to tell.

    • AndyW

      Well in the sales blurb from the product link given here:-

      “Notice On 18th June 2013, New batch 3000mah version with OTG cable supported,in stock for immediate shipment”

      I take that to mean OTG is supported. Worth checking with the live chat mob though when they’re back online.

      P.S For the benefit of Millgate I’m not Andi but Andy and most definitely not in India 🙂

  • Sergio

    Dear Andi,
    is it possible that THIS PARTICULAR stock has working button’s backlit and … actually working OTG?

    • No idea, but I will ask

    • John

      Confirmed with SpeMall and JIAYU, this batch support OTG from hardware, still do not have backlight for buttons, but the backlight is not a problem, you will easy to know where is back button, where is home button even you do not look at the buttons

      • Oh dear … sorry … but what does OTG mean in this context ?

        I looked it up on Google and it said ‘Internet slang’… means ‘on the ground’ !!

        That does not help me at all !

        • AndyW


          Basically the phone supports certain USB devices e.g. storage devices, USB mice.

        • pa5t1s

          Nope… USB “on-the-go”… to connect keyboard, mouse or whatever 😀

          • pa5t1s

            Absolutely unrelated to topic, but…how do you put an ‘image’ next to your nickname? found nothing in ‘profile’ :S

            • You need to set up a Gravatar account with WordPress using the same email as you comment here. You then add your image there.

            • pa5t1s

              Ok, thanks Andi… I guessed it was Gravatar…

            • Cool! Good to see you

          • Thanks … I rather hoped it meant OTA !!! …

            • pa5t1s

              Then you probably need “Bluetooth” instead 😛

  • ordered 🙂 white option C
    they claim the new batch does support OTG: “Notice On 18th June 2013, New batch 3000mah version with OTG cable supported,in stock for immediate shipment”
    source: product page on spemall

    • Js

      Fred, how did you order the white color version for option C? It seems only black color is available for all the options. How to order the white color version, anybody?

      • jernij

        i asked in live chat, only black available

  • Ouhou

    Hi andi,

    For how long shall this discount work?Because I will definitely buy the Jiayu g4, but I’m little bit stuck since I don’t want to buy it and discover one week after that the turbo version( 2go Ram 32Go Rom) is available. They say that they will sell the Turbo version on their site, but do you have any idea of the release date? Thank you

    • Angelona

      The turbo version seems still need time, i checked with different sites and they said have no idea, i guess it is a long time. so i already brought mine from spemall. option C,

      • Manos

        Yes the turbo is going to be late for sure !
        Im waitting to see because the Zopos have the new 1.5Ghz but not the 2Gb ram!

  • Pablo

    Anyone could tell me the difference of Expedited Shipping 60% OFF and
    Standard Shipping 60% OFF. To ship to spain , there is only 1 dollar difference between them.

    • AndyW

      If you click on the “Shipping Cost” tab just below all the accessories on the product page then you can see the details:-

      Expedited Shipping 3-5 Working Days
      Standard Shipping 12-18 Working Days

      • Has anyone worked out why these ‘second Tier’ Chinese makers avoid OTA (Over The Air) updates.

        I asked the question st SPEMALL and their reply was … What’s OTA ?!!

        Is it simply ‘cost’ … and if so How Much ?

        • It’s usually lack of resources. Once they have finished developing one phone and the OS for it, they usually start work on the next and don’t have the staff to work on updates.

          • Simon

            When I first came across these chinese brands, one of the first companies I heard about was SmartQ. Apparently there are very good with releasing fimware updates for their devices.

    • Manos

      Take the Standard Shipping 60% OFF to aovid any taxes! 2 weeks and will be at your local post office!
      I think is better and you save some $$

      • Vasilica

        spemall use DHL, EMS …for expedited shipping, singpost for standrad shipping, For DHL they will declare 24USD as value and repaired digital photo frame as products name, so it will not have taxes

        • Simon

          So is it best to choose DHL then ?

      • Simon

        Manos you think Singpost is the best option ?

        • Vasilica

          Expediated shipping is the best i think, the price is reasonable also

        • Manos

          Yes you will not have any problems!

  • Peter
    • Manos

      Buy first, Get first

      you are going to wait for sure!
      Im trying to buy the G4 from May 30! I have refunded 2 times!
      The spemall has real stock!

      • Stanislav


      • Js

        ….and it’s the 1850mAh battery only! Lol.

    • Stanislav

      SpeMall given a exact time for shipping That is 10days, so we will know when they send out the orders for GIZchina reader.

      It showing following at buysku:

      Presell Product: We will send out the item in sequence ASAP once the vender releases the goods. “Buy first, Get first”. Thanks for your understanding and patience.


      • Kumar

        I brought mine, option C. good deal

  • Siby Augustine

    Ordered one (Option A + OTG cable + leather pouch) to India (Expedite Shipment). Now the agonizing wait begins 😉

    Jiayu G4 was decided a long time ago. I was thinking about the 2GB version, but because of the uncertainty I will settle for this one. Currently using the Mircromax A110 and I don’t like the length and width of the phone but I loved the big screensize which is very useful. That’s when I saw G4 with double the performance capacity and an awesome display. Battery life was more important for me than the FHD. And I badly needed OTG support. Since the seller is saying this version supports USB OTG, am taking this offer which seems a good one. Paid INR 14,846 ($252.40).

    • Veeshaal Arun Pokharkar

      Paid any custom duty?

      • Siby

        no. just the amount mentioned on the site. but there was a foreign exchange charge I had to pay the credit card company. Are you buying it?

  • AndyW

    Tempting as this offer is, I think I’m going to bunker down and wait it out for the 6589T variant with 2GB.

  • And i wait for the turbo…




  • Pedro

    10 days to ship is a looong time! If they have it in stock it should be out the door in 24h!
    Anyway, my order is placed. 8)

  • Manan

    the only reason i m not buying any of the jiayu phone is , none of them supports 850 mhz 3G for at&t in USA 🙁 otherwise they are great phones

  • bela

    Just another fake last week they say they shiping on Monday now they say next week.

    • FunkStar

      I’m a bit pissed too, placed my order the 19th and still nothing…

      • Didn’t they say they would ship it out 10 days later?

        • jernij

          to me they did,
          waiting for new batch they said
          ordered june 20, ship june 30

      • FunkStar and Bela expect an email from SpeMall very soon.

        • FunkStar

          When I placed my order I only got a confirmation order. They never said anything about shipping 10days later.

          They stated the devices are “in stock” so I have no idea why it would take 10days to ship out, If I knew I would never have paid the extra $ for Expedited Shipping.

          EDIT: Just got a mail from spemall, well I can’t say they don’t offer a good service. And I should blame it on myself for not reading the article well enough…

          quote from mail “If you use the coupon below, shipping in 10 days from today.”

          But still, its sad that if you use a coupon they delay your delivery 🙁

          • Tengu

            Yes, on russian forum 4pda.ru many customers are upset with the delay of shipping. IMHO out of stock

  • Horror Stories

    Any negative/horror stories/ bad experiences with Spemall? Does it come with the ‘Gizchina Guarantee’™? i.e, if everything goes tits up can we cry for help in these comments and wait for Andi to come to our rescue? :3

  • kiro

    is this promo over andi?
    i was trying to make a purchase and entered the coupon code “this coupon over period”
    is there anyway we can get a discount again?

    • Yes, its over sorry

  • chandu

    hi friends
    how many of them got jiayu g4 delivered safely booked through spe mall. please post your comments

    • Tengu

      Spemall are very disappointed. They communicate only to send orders on Tuesday Jule 2, although paid on June 19.

      • metrick

        I guess most of orders are shipped around 2nd July. On the other hand, when I asked about shipping on the live chat before (I ordered 20th june), they claimed this date, so up to now they’re keep their word (which is in case of most chinese reseller’s sometimes unusual)

    • jernij

      ordered june 20, should be shipped today but as it is sunday I expect them to ship tomorrow, june 1st
      if not [email protected]!#[email protected]!#$ and i might get my money back and wait 2 weeks or so for the turbo
      sounds good by the way 🙂

      • jernij

        edit: july 1st 🙂

  • jernij

    “hi, thanks for your purchase. your order will be sent today, tracking NO will be updated in 1-2 working days via email !”

    so we’ll wait and see!

    • Siby Augustine

      I have also ordered on 20th. Told me that it will be shipped on Sunday. No information so far, regarding the shipping. Expedite shipping selected! 🙁

    • Keep us posted

      • jernij

        i was sent a tracking number (dhl)
        dhl.com cant find a result for the number
        i am so suspicious 🙁

        • FunkStar

          I took 2 (full) days till my tracking number worked.

          • jernij

            ok, back to wait and see 😉

            • FunkStar

              new status:

              Tuesday, July 02, 2013
              1 – Shipment picked up – HONG KONG – HONG KONG – 03:18

              Seems it just got picked up after receiving the tracking number last Saturday.

  • FunkStar

    Hi all

    I received an e-mail confirmation and a tracking number from Spemall last Saturday (29 jun).

    Since this morning (01 jul) I can track it using the dhl.com site.
    Status atm =
    1 – Shipment information received – HONG KONG – HONG KONG (no time & pieces)

    I will keep everyone updated.

    PS: I used Expedited Shipping, lets see how long it will take to get my package to Belgium.

    • FunkStar

      Update: Received my phone

      Order date: 2013-06-20 – 01:56:10
      Shipment Date: 2013-06-29 12:33:50 (Also received trafficking number on this day)
      Tracking number active: 01/07/2013

      Details of the shipment:

      Tuesday, July 02, 2013 – Location – Time

      1 – Shipment picked up – HONG KONG – HONG KONG – 03:18
      2 – Processed at HONG KONG – HONG KONG 05:16
      3 – Arrived at Sort Facility HONG KONG – HONG KONG – 06:15
      4 – Processed at HONG KONG – HONG KONG – 16:54
      5 – Departed Facility in HONG KONG – HONG KONG – 17:21
      6 – Arrived at Sort Facility LEIPZIG – GERMANY LEIPZIG – GERMANY – 23:22
      7 – Processed at LEIPZIG – GERMANY – LEIPZIG – GERMANY – 23:50

      Wednesday, July 03, 2013 – Location – Time

      8 – Departed Facility in LEIPZIG – GERMANY – LEIPZIG – GERMANY – 02:36
      9 – Customs status updated – BRUSSELS – BELGIUM – 02:37
      10 – Clearance processing complete at BRUSSELS – BELGIUM – 02:42
      11 – Arrived at Sort Facility BRUSSELS – BELGIUM – 03:44
      12 – Processed at BRUSSELS – BELGIUM – 04:41
      13 – Departed Facility in BRUSSELS – BELGIUM – 05:40
      14 – Arrived at Delivery Facility in BRUSSELS – BELGIUM – 05:59
      15 – With delivery courier – BRUSSELS – BELGIUM – 08:32
      16 – Delivered – Signed for by: xxx – my city – 10:13

      Very nice delivery from DHL and thanks Spemall, package is complete (screen protector, the right color case, all cables and adaptors!

      After all everything went smooth and next time I will read better that the phone will be shipped after 10days haha…<


      • Awesome!

        • FunkStar

          Pretty fast isn’t it?

          fun fact: distance from Belgium to Hong Kong

          9394.06 km or 5837.36 miles!

  • chandu

    keep updateng your delivery status of your jiayu g4. purchased from spe mall friends.

    • jernij

      03 Jul 13 1:33 AM – Shipment picked up – HONG KONG,HONG KONG

      • Siby

        yet to get a tracking number. purchased on 20th. been told that I will get the number in 1-2 working days.

        • jernij

          i put some pressure on and told them not to lie to me about anything
          new status:
          Wednesday, July 03, 2013 Location Time
          4 Processed at HONG KONG – HONG KONG HONG KONG – HONG KONG 12:10

    • Yes please do

  • pedrojoper

    Hi everyone! I bought one on June 19th and finally received the “item shipped” e-mail today. Shortly after, I got an email from them stating I had to pay an extra 25$ for shipping because I live in a “remote area”! I live in a Portuguese city! In freakin Europe! How can this be a “remote area”?! I paid for >>WORLDWIDE<< shipping!

    • metrick

      I had same problem, you just have to change your delivery address (if you can). It’s just DHL’s issue, not SpeMall’s. Pls check pdf file on http://raslist.dhl.com/jsp/first.jsp . Yup, Europe doesn’t mean everything for int. companies :o(
      BTW: paid 20th, right now:
      Wednesday, July 03, 2013 at 14:20
      4 Arrived at Sort Facility HONG KONG – HONG KONG 14:20
      3 Departed Facility in HONG KONG – HONG KONG 06:12
      2 Processed at HONG KONG – HONG KONG 06:11
      1 Shipment picked up HONG KONG 01:35

      Looks OK, but we’ll see.

  • Siby Augustine

    Got the tracking number. but not working as others have experienced in the beginning. will wait. ordered on 20th. Location – India.

  • Tivver

    Ordered June 20
    Email notification of delivery July 02
    This status at 14:25 BST, (21:25 HKG time I think)
    If I calculate the timezone difference correctly, DHL seem to have very slow update of progress. Perhaps delayed by 2 hours.

    Wednesday, July 03, 2013 Location Time Pieces
    6 Departed Facility in HONG KONG – HONG KONG HONG KONG – HONG KONG 17:16

    5 Processed at HONG KONG – HONG KONG HONG KONG – HONG KONG 17:01

    4 Arrived at Sort Facility HONG KONG – HONG KONG HONG KONG – HONG KONG 13:04

    3 Departed Facility in HONG KONG – HONG KONG HONG KONG – HONG KONG 04:04

    2 Processed at HONG KONG – HONG KONG HONG KONG – HONG KONG 04:04

    Tuesday, July 02, 2013 Location Time Pieces
    1 Shipment picked up HONG KONG – HONG KONG 22:21

    • jernij

      mine is exactly the same 17.16
      to which country? mine to the netherlands

      • metrick

        looks like same for all in EU. Same time for tracking step 5 too exactly 17:16 🙂

      • Tivver

        This order is for delivery to UK. I guess the same flight is taking these to the German DHL hub for before forwarding to the rest of Europe. Note that the times shown seem to be local so by comparing with Funkstar’s earlier delivery I would not expect an update until around midnight tonight.

        • jernij

          Thursday, July 04, 2013 Location Time
          14 Arrived at Delivery Facility in AMSTERDAM – NETHERLANDS, THE AMSTERDAM – NETHERLANDS, THE 08:19

          13 Departed Facility in AMSTERDAM – NETHERLANDS, THE AMSTERDAM – NETHERLANDS, THE 06:54

          12 Clearance processing complete at AMSTERDAM – NETHERLANDS, THE AMSTERDAM – NETHERLANDS, THE 06:22


          10 Arrived at Sort Facility AMSTERDAM – NETHERLANDS, THE AMSTERDAM – NETHERLANDS, THE 05:49

          9 Customs status updated AMSTERDAM – NETHERLANDS, THE 04:22

          8 Departed Facility in LEIPZIG – GERMANY LEIPZIG – GERMANY 04:20

      • Tivver

        Sounds like your is closer than mine Jernig. Interesting insight into international parcel routing! I have my fingers crossed it will arrive today. The first question I will try to answer is whether it really has OTG support.

        14 Processed at LONDON-HEATHROW – UK 08:24
        13 Arrived at Sort Facility LONDON-HEATHROW – UK 08:15
        12 Departed Facility in LONDON-HEATHROW – UK 07:53
        11 Clearance processing complete at LONDON-HEATHROW – UK 07:03
        10 Transferred through LONDON-HEATHROW – UK 04:26
        9 Customs status updated 04:21
        8 Departed Facility in LEIPZIG – GERMANY 04:07
        7 Transferred through LEIPZIG – GERMANY 04:04

  • Something weird is going on here ….

    18 months ago I bought a 6 inch Smartphone from Chinavasion. It cost me about £118 including shipping tom the UK.

    It shipped on the day I purchased it.
    I Tracked it with DHL …EVERY STEP OF THE WAY …
    I had it in my hands late on the 3rd working day.

    Who has lost the plot here ?

  • Siby

    the guy who got the phone, please provide ur first thoughts about G4..

    am still waiting. haven’t even reached the sorting centre in HK. Ordered on 20th. But, Belgium seems nearer than India. 😀

    • jernij

      mail or live chat with spemall, made the process go faster for me

    • Tivver

      Sorry to contradict but I didn’t mail or live chat except to specify the colour of case early on and mine is on the same flight as Jernij. I suspect this is just a matter of chance or ordering sequence when exactly your phone is dispatched.

  • Tivver

    Ordered 20th June – delivered 4 July. All in good shape, and I have checked – OTG really does work on this one. At least I can plug a mouse in and move the pointer around the screen, and an external USB card reader works superficially. Delivery log as follows…

    Thursday, July 04, 2013 Time
    17 Delivered – Signed for by : M MOUSE 13:41
    16 With delivery courier 13:19
    15 Arrived at Delivery Facility in LONDON-HEATHROW – UK 10:41
    14 Departed Facility in LONDON-HEATHROW – UK 10:10
    13 Processed at LONDON-HEATHROW – UK 08:24
    12 Arrived at Sort Facility LONDON-HEATHROW – UK 08:15
    11 Clearance processing complete at LONDON-HEATHROW – UK 07:03
    10 Transferred through LONDON-HEATHROW – UK 04:26
    9 Customs status updated 04:21
    8 Departed Facility in LEIPZIG – GERMANY 04:07
    7 Transferred through LEIPZIG – GERMANY 04:04

    Wednesday, July 03, 2013 Time
    6 Departed Facility in HONG KONG – HONG KONG 17:16
    5 Processed at HONG KONG – HONG KONG 17:01
    4 Arrived at Sort Facility HONG KONG – HONG KONG 13:04
    3 Departed Facility in HONG KONG – HONG KONG 04:04
    2 Processed at HONG KONG – HONG KONG 04:04

    Tuesday, July 02, 2013 Time
    1 Shipment picked up 22:21

    Now to find an supplier who definitely has OTG stock to order another one!

  • Siby Augustine

    My phone has reached India. Hopefully, I will receive tomorrow.

  • Siby Augustine

    I received it yesterday. really happy with the phone. better than expected.

    • aca

      Is still working?

      • Siby Augustine

        it fell from my hand in Dec 2013 and the display got damaged. It was a superb mobile until then. I still have it in working condition. the only problem is that it doesn’t allow multi touch anymore.

  • chandu

    hi dear siby augustine are you from india. how is the device and battery backup, camera. whats ur openin.