Xiaomi Mi3 Antutu Benchmarks appear again but are the genuine this time?

Last night reports that the Xiaomi Mi3 had appeared in Antutu benchmark results were all over Sina Weibo, but are they real this time.

A few months back, purported Antutu benchmark of the Xiaomi Mi3 appeared online showing ridiculously high scores turned up, it was quickly uncovered that they were fake however, which makes us a little wary about last nights posting.

The new Mi3 Antutu scores are much more realistic and claim the new phone can score over 29,000 points! We can also see from the leak that the Mi3 is running a 1810mhz CPU and Android 4.2.1!

Gizchina News of the week

We believe that the Xiaomi Mi3 will either come equipped with the Qualcomm Snapdragon 800 processor or a Tegra 4 unit, and that the launch of the new flagship phone will also usher in an updated version of MIUI based on Android 4.2.1.

Other specifications from earlier reports claim the Xiaomi Mi3 will boast a 5-inch 1080 display, 13 mega-pixel rear camera, 3800mAh battery and could launch as early as August 16th!

Are you waiting for the Mi3 to launch? Could this be your next Android phone? Let us know below!

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  1. Wonderer
    June 19, 2013

    But 1.81 GHz is far away from Qualcomms S800 advertised “up to” 2.3GHz. 🙁

  2. Eitautas
    June 19, 2013

    I have already pre-order it, so now waiting for release it will be better and much cheaper I think than Samsung s4, HTC one, or others European flagman

    • June 19, 2013

      Where the hell did you pre order it from? 😀
      And Andi, check out the scores of the S800 from a meet at San Francisco yesterday! Mind blowing! 😀

  3. Joao Simoes
    June 19, 2013

    Having a 1.8ghz certainly is a Tegra 4, or maybe they are still using a Snapdragon S600.

  4. Simon
    June 19, 2013

    Sounds good

  5. June 19, 2013

    Saw qaulcom show in San Francisco yesterday, and snapdragon 800 was above 36000 on antutu benchmark.
    If this is real, then it must still be a test benchmark.

    Guess there are testing to know the difference, clocking speed will have on performance and battery life. Initially, 2.1, and now 1.8. Still hoping for something better…¿¿¿

    • wurstt
      June 19, 2013

      yepp, this is true. s800 scores more than 35000 in antutu and more than 22k in quadrant

  6. Camaman
    June 19, 2013

    Maybe I could dock this and use this phone as a desktop replacement…

  7. liljohn
    June 19, 2013

    maybe they intentionally tune it down to reduce heat and increase battery life??? i prefer longer battery life with that antutu score rather than shorter battery life with higher antutu score….that leaked score is already high for a smartphone, it is more than we need in a smartphone….what do we use a smartphone for???

  8. saroj
    June 20, 2013

    I want No.1 mini pad clone review

  9. liljohn
    June 21, 2013

    xiaomi’s next flagship smartphones should use intels chip, the king of laptop and pc processor and soon the king of mobile processor….samsung will start to use intel’s chip, starting from galaxy tab 3, and there wont be a compatibility problem for android apps to run on intel’ based chip…

    “Replacing an ARM processor with an Intel processor isn’t simply a matter of swapping out the hardware. Certain apps that run on ARM-based devices – apps that use what’s known as “native” ARM code – may not run on Intel devices, presenting a problem for manufacturers such as Samsung that want to give their customers the complete Android experience.

    But Intel had more or less licked that problem, Mr Eul said. It’s got a team of programmers dedicated to tweaking apps so they will run on Intel-based Android devices, and that team was yet to encounter an app it couldn’t make work on Intel chips. (That claim appears to be true, at least when it comes to popular apps. When we checked a couple of weeks ago, all 50 of the top 50 Android apps were available on that Asus phone.

    The most hopeful thing coming out of the Samsung announcement, as far as Intel is concerned, is that Samsung didn’t even use Intel’s best chip. Intel has already announced a chip architecture, known as Silvermont, that it says is three times faster than Saltwell, and uses a fifth of the power.”

    taken from here: http://m.afr.com/p/technology/digitallife/at_last_intel_chips_its_way_into_Bj4FOWm92o7neqBb35GykN

    xiaomi mi4 should be powered by intel’s merrifield……the quadcore beast from intel!

  10. ayal
    June 23, 2013

    The Xiaomi Mi3 and the Oppo Find 7 will be the best smartphones on the market and the only thing that going to beat the Find 7 is the chance that the Mi3 will be cheaper that the Find 7! I hope that the Find 7 will be more cheap than the last version Find 5! (499$)