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Qualcomm Snapdragon 678

This year promises a number of surprises in the field of mobile chips. For example, Samsung is preparing to bring to the market its next-generation …


Qualcomm has just announced the acquisition of Nuvia for just around $1.4 billion. This name probably does not ring a bell in your mind. However, …

Huawei Kirin 9000

Today, one of the most popular Weibo bloggers said that next year’s Qualcomm Snapdragon, HiSilicon Kirin, Samsung Exynos, and MediaTek Dimensity main flagship chips and …

The market of ARM-based chipsets for PCs is starting to flourish this year with the big arrival of Apple’s ARM-based MacBooks and iMacs. Since 2018, …

ARM shipments

We guess everyone is familiar with the Qualcomm Snapdragon, Hisilicon Kirin, and MediaTek Dimensity flagship chip series products. They provide the most basic chips for …


Qualcomm, the American chipset maker has just expanded two of its most popular mobile platforms – the Snapdragon 600 and 400 tiers with the announcement of …


San Diego chipmaker Qualcomm has today along with the Asus NovaGo and other technological products introduced the Qualcomm Snapdragon 845, which is the direct successor to …

Hisense has announced the MIRA6, their first Windows Phone based mobile smart device. Will Chinese beat the Indian manufacturers?

Contrary to what many would’ve hoped for, OnePlus’ first ever smartphone, the OnePlus One will feature a Qualcomm Snapdragon 800 chipset at its heart.

xiaomi hongmi 1s antutu

Recently China’s Xiaomi began selling a Qualcomm Snapdragon version of their Hongmi phone which boasts much higher performance to the original Mediatek model.

elephone p10 4g lte leaked render

This is the first every image of the Elephone P10, a Qualcomm Snapdragon smartphone with 4G LTE support scheduled for launch later this year.

Details of Mediatek’s first 64-BIT processors confirm ARM Cortex A53 architecture, and 4G LTE support.

Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 802 is a chipset that was announced right before the CES 2014 kicked off last month. However, the company now seems to have different thoughts on the future of the Snapdragon 802.

With Apple and rival chipset manufacturer Qualcomm releasing their own 64-bit processors and LG’s Odin apparently besting Samsung’s Exynos 5 on AnTuTu, Samsung is apparently feeling the heat and is reportedly working on a new custom built CPU named the Exynos S chip

Qualcomm have announced their 64-Bit chipset, but rather than being a high-end SoC, the Snapdragon 410 is aimed at entry-level phones and emerging market, basically right where Mediatek don’t want them!

Korean phone developer Pantech is continuing to bet that consumers want to keep what is on their phone private

Remember a few months back when we heard all those rumours about the Dakele 3 only to have them launch the Dakele 2S? Well the reports might have been true after all!

Allwinner A80 octa-core back in the spot light with rumoured 40,000 point Antutu score!

Anyone Xiaomi fan worth his/her salt will tell you that 1) All current Qualcomm Xiaomi phones run Android 4.1.1, and 2) the phone they are all waiting for is the Snapdragon 800 Mi3! But these points could change very soon!

Xiaomi have just announced on their official Weibo page that they have sold all 100,000 Xiaomi Mi3 phones in 1 minute 26 seconds!