Lenovo K900 Orange Edition now on sale

lenovo k900 orange
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Lenovo have launched another colour option to their Intel powered K900 range, with a funky new Orange Edition which went on sale yesterday.

The Lenovo K900 which is also available in silver and black, has always looked a little to formal and business like for my tastes, however this orange version really looks kind of appealing.

Powered by the same Intel Clove Trail+ processor and packing 2GB RAM and a 5.5-inch 1080 display there are know differences over the standard version. Well actually there is as the standard silver model costs just 2999 Yuan which this model is on sale at 3299 Yuan ($536). Expensive but cool.

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Ying Hua
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  • Antiyochus

    too expensive for me ): what do u thinking about this phone guys ?

    • http://www.gizchina.com Andi

      It’s a really lovely phone. Thin, powerful, awesome screen, but the Orange and Black versions are a little pricey!

      • Antiyochus

        i think the same.

  • liljohn

    imo its too “tall”, reduce a bit height n add a bit width, perfect!

  • http://www.facebook.com/douglas.nepomuceno.313 DN

    SO expensive

  • cpaun

    Didn’t Lenovo K900 have a Intel Atom CPU?

  • Lexey

    its a bs ! specially +40$ for the color ….

  • Arifullah

    Hi, Andy and every body,

    iam interested in stereo loud speaker smart phone , could you any body give the brand name which has stereo loud speaker


    • Audiology

      HTC One

    • Ahmed

      Vivo Xplay 5.7
      it has the best combo for loud speakers and amazing screen