Galapad 9 and Galapad 10 tablets coming soon

Galapad 9 and Galapad 10 tablets coming soon


Shenzhen based tablet and phablet maker Galapad have released photos of their upcoming Galapad 9 and 10 tablets. More details here.

Generally a tablet looks like a tablet. A black (maybe white) rectangular device with a screen and not much else, because it’s quite difficult for someone to design a tablet in any other style and hope people will a dot and use it.

galapad 9 and 10

The new Galapad 9 and 10 do look different though! They retain the oblong look of a traditional Android tablet but with a few design flares thrown such as the sliced corners and contrasting black bezel on the alloy frame.

The smaller of the two is the 9 inch Galapad 9 which comes with a 1280 x 800 display, Allwinner processor, 1GB RAM, 8GB memory and SD card slot. The Galapad 10 is has a larger 1280 x 800 display, a MT8125 CPU, 1GB RAMand 16GB memory.

Both tablets will be available later this year and should be priced competitively judging by the level of hardware they come with.

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  • Mr.BlackWolff

    Design looks awesome..But I love only Black color 🙂

  • Camaman

    Nice design, but pretty boring and outdated specs, Especially today in light of Mediatek announcement.