Update: 2 Meizu MX3 promo launch video, first official look at the Meizu MX3!

meizu MX3 promo video
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The Meizu MX3 launch started just over 30 min, we’re going to try our best to keep you up to date with the latest MX3 news starting with this first promo video!

We have added an additional Meizu MX3 launch video below!

The video below shows some of the design and manufacture process which has gone in to bringing the Meizu MX3 to life. Most excitingly is that this is also the first official first look at the rather slim MX3!

Is this the rebirth of a Chinese legend?

  • Simon

    Hopefully Meizu & Xiaomi will send you one of each of their flagships, to do a hands on hands comparison video. That would be cool.

    • Jose

      Add OPPO N1, a three phone comparison between all of them should be fantastic

  • Jogo

    indeed it would be great!