2nd Oppo N1 Teaser video, and first dig at Meizu!

oppo n1
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Oppo have released the 2nd in an on going series of teaser videos and like the first it really leaves us with more questions than answers!

The video begins with the same chap in a lab coat and his arms apart, then switches to a view of computer banks and finally we get to see a CNC machine with what appears to be a block of either steel or aluminum. Obviously the CNC aspect of the video is telling us the chassis of the phone will be made of stiff, durable CNC’d material (the Find 5 is steel), but the rest of the video really gives nothing about the N1 away!

Oppo N1 Teaser video 2

While the teaser videos are being launched via the English Oppo site and aimed at international customers, Chinese fans are getting much a different marketing approach. The image above shows the 5.9-inch display of the Oppo N1 with a comparison to a 5.1-inch phone was posted on Weibo earlier today and is an obvious dig at Meizu’s MX3!

What do you make of Oppo’s teaser videos?

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Abbie is a self confessed Chinese phone addict! After cutting her teeth on the Meizu M9 she hasn't been able to keep away from Chinese phones keeping her ear to the ground especially for the latest Shanzhai and clone news!
  • yotam stern

    this is defenetly aluminum by the color of it :P

  • https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCwpHu3p8sioyqMrfrMpxm4A CPO

    I think this is really a dig at LG. They didn’t say 5.2 because that would be too obvious. They basically made a bigger LG G2 it looks like. But with thinner bezels and a bigger screen.

  • http://yash3339.wordpress.com yash3339

    As much as I love OPPO, I have to admit they’ve lost it as far as advertising their phones goes. First the ‘back is also interesting’ and now this.

  • Allanitomwesh

    They are taking their sweet time,you can now tell this is actually one and the same video chopped up. So enjoy and suffer the wait for the full clip :)