International Oppo N1 heading for launch end of November

oppon n1 launch cyanogenmod rom
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As well as announcing 2 versions of CyanogenMOD ROM, the CyanogenMOD team also gave us a rough idea of when the Oppo N1 will launch.

The Oppo N1 will be the first Android device to ship with the option of installing CyanogenMOD ROM with full community and warranty support, there will also be a limited CyanogenMOD version of the N1 on sale at some point with the popular custom ROM pre-installed.

We have already seen that the N1 will launch in China towards the end of this month, and that international fans are now able to sign up to be an Oppo N1 Pioneer, so how about an international release date for the innovative phone? Well according to this CyanogenMOD presentation the ETA is the end of November!