Next generation Huawei Processor will be a true 8-core MT6592 rival!

Next generation Huawei Processor will be a true 8-core MT6592 rival!


Taiwan’s Mediatek might be the ones basking in the 8-core spotlight, but they aren’t the only company launching a true 8-core chip, Huawei will also soon be launching their own rival processor!

Huawei Company President, Xu Xin Quan, has posted on his Weibo account that new Huawei P6S will launch with an updated version of the companies K3V2 chipset boasting octa-core processing capabilities! In addition Quan leaked the new 8-core Huawei chip with feature integrated 3G and is optimised for extended battery life.

The quad-core Huawei K3V2 processor is a little old now and a successor is long over due, but can the new Huawei SoC rival the power of Mediatek’s MT6592?

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  • Hellvetta

    Whatever made Huawei, there always will be issue with software updates. Even an 8-core processor will not save the situation.

    • Weild Hayn

      Not to mention their lousy GPU…

  • bason

    only a phone just has fast speed then will be ok,why need update the software?

    • Hellvetta

      Any update fixes some issues on existing platform. And, theoretically, can increase processor speed. I own the Huawei Ascend P1. I really like it. But I need stable firmware Android 4.2 update, ‘coz many newest apps demand JB 4.2.

  • zaikatanox

    I’m actually more excited about Huawei’s than MediaTek’s offering. After all, even with 8 cores, MT 6592 is still based on Cortex A7, which is less powerful than the older Cortex A9 Huawei’s SoC will based off.

    Also, Huawei has announced that their P6 will get KitKat by January, so not all hope is lost on software update 🙂

    • boris

      Architecture-wise A9 > A7 but implementation-wise the modern A7 offerings from MediaTek are in some tasks faster than the old-generation A9s like Tegra3 and K3V2. The Rockchip 3188 is a modern A9 implementation that is faster than those.

      • zaikatanox

        I agree. RK3188 has a really good performance, though I heard it’s got a whole of other issues (such as not being able to charge through USB, questionable GPS, Wi-Fi, etc). I think Huawei and MediaTek probably have better quality chipsets compared with RK3188, though Rockchip may have just edge them performance-wise.