Meizu Russia Confirms Ubuntu is officially in the works!

meizu mx3 ubuntu
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Although we have seen numerous leaked photos and even video of the Meizu MX3 we have had nothing official from Meizu about the details until today.

Meizu Russia have posted details that Meizu engineers are in fact working on an Ubuntu version of the Meizu MX3 and that work is still currently underway to make things stable. They also go on to say that currently the Meizu team are mainly focussing on working on a new version of Flyme ROM (based on Android) for both the Meizu MX2 and MX3 and Ubuntu won’t be released until the Flyme ROM is launched.

meizu ubuntu

It is believed that Meizu will first offer the Ubuntu phone in the US later this year along with a 4G LTE version of the MX3.

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