Knock-off Oppo N1 on sale for $99.99 with rotating camera

knock off oppo n1
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It was only a matter of time before this would happen! Oppo’s innovative Oppo N1 smartphone with rotating camera has now been cloned and a knock-off is on sale for just $99.99.

Spotted by GizChina reader Igor Mishin, the fake Oppo N1 is listed simply as the T908 smartphone at a extremely low-price of just $99.99! From the photos provided on the listing, the T908 looks the same as the real N1, however the specifications and overall size (141 x 66.3 x 8.9mm) of the knock-off are very different.

The first major difference is the 4.5-inch qHD display, the original device has a 5.9-inch FHD panel. The processor is a basic Mediatek MT6572W chip, and the rotating camera is an 8 mega-pixel unit. There is 3G support for 2100mhz hands but the phone has just a single sim, 512mb RAM and and 4GB memory and 2000mAh battery.

oppo n1 fake specs Knock off Oppo N1 on sale for $99.99 with rotating camera

The fake also lacks a bluetooth remote and rear touch panel, features which the real Oppo N1 has.

oppo n1 clone os Knock off Oppo N1 on sale for $99.99 with rotating camera

Interestingly the company behind this clone also seemed to have taken the time to make their own clone of ColorOS based on Android 4.2.2 for the phone.

Thanks again to Igor for the tip.

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  • Alexander

    This phone is there a Google Play Store and Google account?

    • Gizchina

      No idea sorry

  • Hasan

    Will it kill to have 1GB RAM at least ? :/

  • antidumb

    ram 1 GB and android 4.4 please, because verizon Moto G can do $99 for 1gb ram, quadcore and 720p

    i like that a7 dualcore, it’s very not powerful but good for battery life combine with 2000mah that should be very good