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Vernee V2 Pro

Vernee’s self-proclaimed Galaxy S9 Active clone – the Vernee V2 Pro – is now on sale over at Efox. If you were interested in getting …

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Vernee V2 Pro

Vernee’s Galaxy S9 Active clone – the Vernee V2 Pro – will soon kick off presales over on the online store Gearbest. The premium mid-ranger …

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The OUKITEL U18 basked in the glory of the market as being one of the first worthy iPhone X clones with the 5,85-inch notched display, …

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Vernee V2 Pro

We have seen the first rugged Vernee device the V2 during the MWC 2018 in Barcelona, but seems like there is yet another rugged phone …

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Oukitel U18

Since the release of the iPhone X many manufacturers are trying to jump on the bandwagon with a similar design of their own smartphones. One …

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Reports are rife that Samsung will unveil the Galaxy S9 series at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, Spain. A Look-Alike of the Galaxy S9+ …

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Bluboo X

The “clone-your-iPhoneX” season is in full swing and following the initial wave of low-end chinese makers the bigger companies are starting to get on board …

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Oh boy, I see some serious lawsuits coming for this small Thai company that just unveiled a smartphone that goes under the name iMI X …

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The Vkworld Mix Plus is another from the Mi Mix clone bandwagon, however, at $109.99 for a limited time, it’s one of the most affordable.

Bluboo S1

Sometimes even the chinese phone makers can surprise you in the positive way and today the guys from Bluboo managed to achieve such a feat. …

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Leagoo M7

Few days ago we have reported that an iPhone 7 Plus clone is in the works in the form of Leagoo M7 and today we …

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Leagoo M7

Famous leakster Evan Blass already helped to reveal quite some new phone models and his latest finding shows up an iPhone 7 Plus lookalike in …

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If you love the design of the iPhone 7 but prefer the flexibility of Android 7 then you’ll be impressed with the budget UMi G.

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Bluboo S1

The boom of the tri-bezel-less phones started originally with the Xiaomi Mi Mix and gaining traction exponentially, with most of the chinese manufacturers trying to …

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The new UMIDIGI G model is coming as a way way cheaper alternative with the looks of the iPhone 7, but the makers are quite …

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This new JJRC drone that costs just $45 tries to emulate the foldable form factor of the hugely popular Zerotech Dobby!

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Chinese phone makers aren’t afraid of jumping the gun when it comes to making knock off iPhones, with the newest being an iPhone 7 clone …

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aiwatch c5 apple watch 2 clone

If you hadn’t heard of Aiwear at the start of the year, then you more than likely have now along with their Apple Watch 2 wannabe the Aiwatch C5.

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Aiwatch are dead set on releasing an Apple Watch 2 before Apple even have a chance and as well as beginning presales of their wearable have sent over this intro video.