The Aiwatch C5 (aka Apple Watch 2 wannabe) features SIM support

aiwatch c5 apple watch 2 clone

If you hadn’t heard of Aiwear at the start of the year, then you more than likely have now along with their Apple Watch 2 wannabe the Aiwatch C5.

Aiwear have been sharing images and intro video of their smartwatch, but the actual specifications were all hush hush up until a few moments ago.

Even now the official Aiwear website hasn’t the full specs of the Aiwatch C5, but incase you are interested we have the full details here.

Aiwatch C5 Specifications

aiwatch c5 apple watch 2 clone

First of all the Aiwatch C5 isn’t your standard, run of the mill sports monitor. No. it’s much more than that and has network support and a SIM tray for carriers using GSM 850/900/1800/1900mhz. So while it won’t allow you to browse the web on your wrist you can use the wearable as a phone.

A circular 1.22 inch display is toughened and is the primary method of choosing options from the UI, but there is also a rotating winder on the side for scrolling through menus.

Like most Chinese smartwatches the C5 can monitor your sleep patterns, count your steps and even take your pulse, but in addition there is a UV sensor which will warn you if UV levels are too high. There are also options to connect to your phone via Bluetooth to control your phones camera or music library.

Aiwatch C5 Gallery


Does the addition of built in phone features have you reading for buy button, or are you not sold on the idea of smartwatches yet?

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