Aiwatch C5 Apple Watch 2 clone features shown in intro video

Aiwatch are dead set on releasing an Apple Watch 2 before Apple even have a chance and as well as beginning presales of their wearable have sent over this intro video.

Aiwatch are an all new brand for 2016, at least as far as we can tell, but they are already making news with their first smartwatch which is claimed to be built around leaked designs of the Apple Watch 2.

Aiwatch C5

The major difference (in terms of design) between the Aiwatch C5 and the current Apple watch is the round display, but other details like the metal body, touch screen, and winder control are all in place.

aiwear aiwatch c5

This introduction video of the watch shows us that the display isn’t completely round and in fact has a flat area and what looks like a capacative home button on the chin. We also see the physical controls in action, the Apple like UI, and charging dock.

Over on the Aiwear website the C5 is listed at $89.99 and the brief description mentions a heart rate monitor. We assume the lack of details is something to do with Aiwear’s marking so we will check back in a few days to see if full specs get listed.

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