This $45 Dobby clone could be the cheapest foldable drone

It’s true we’re seeing a lot of innovative products from China, but a few companies seem content doing what the Chinese industry got popular with — cloning other popular gadgets.

Today’s case is rather interesting. The Zerotech Dobby was one of the first truly pocket foldable drones to go on sale, and guess what, there’s already a clone in the market.

The Zerotech Dobby can be bought for around $300 by international buyers. However, a new drone from manufacturer JJRC — the JJRC Elfie — tries to rip off the Dobby at a fraction of the price. The Elfie is on sale for just $44.

jjrc-elfie-jjrc-h37-foldable-drone-1 jjrc-elfie-jjrc-h37-foldable-drone-4

Of course, there’s no GPS, face tracking, follow me or any high-end feature of the Dobby on the Elfie. But it flies and allows pilots to take aerial selfies!

But what if aerial selfies are only what entry-level pilots are interested in? This $45 piece of kit suddenly starts to look a lot better. However, it would’ve been nice to see features like altitude hold implemented on it.


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