Samsung Galaxy S9+ Look-Alike Pops Up in Shenzhen

Reports are rife that Samsung will unveil the Galaxy S9 series at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, Spain. A Look-Alike of the Galaxy S9+ has surfaced in the Huaquing North region of Shenzhen. Definitely not the real deal, the fake does do a good job of copying the upcoming Samsung flagship.

From the design point of view, the look-alike S9+ gets quite a few things right. From a dual camera setup on the back to the TouchWiz UI, the phone bears quite a similarity to the real S9+ leaks and reports that we have come across. It even has a repositioned fingerprint scanner, lying on the back below the dual camera setup.

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What it fails to copy, is the infinity display that the S9+ will sport. The clone has thick bezels on the front, which is an instant giveaway. Also missing is the Bixby button which is replaced by the power button. On the back the clone has a mirror finish that looks it’s copied straight from the HTC U11. I’m personally not a big fan of mirror finishes, so I will be disappointed to see the Galaxy S9 series with them. The clone is shown in two different colours, blue and gold, of which the gold is anything but pleasing to the eye. We might get to see the S9 and S9+ soon since it has been speculated that Samsung will unveil them at the MWC 2018 in February.

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