Vkworld’s Mix Plus claims to be the cheapest ‘Mix’

If you’ve been around a while, you’ll have noticed the tonnes of Xiaomi Mi Mix clones that have been floating around. Almost every medium- and small-sized Chinese company has a contender in this category.

Now, there’s a different sort of a contest going on — that of the cheapest Mix clone. Today, we’ve been told about the Vkworld Mix Plus, a phone that claims to be the cheapest in the ‘bezelless’ class.

The phone is usually sold for $139.99, but the company has given it a price cut for a week — August 7 to 14 — where the phone will be available for $30 off, which means it’ll go for $109.99 apiece.

Vkworld seem to take pride in the screen quality used on the phone. Take this video as reference:

As for the limited time pricing, buyers will also get a tempered glass protector plus a silicon case with every purchase. If you’re tempted to get one, you can do so via GearBest.

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