Top 5 Bezel-Less Mi Mix Clones from China!

    Elephone concept

    Chinese phone makers have been infamous for ripping off famous designs for a long, long time. Off late, companies from the same countries have been gaining popularity for their ingenious products… what you’ll see here is the best of both worlds.

    Xiaomi first came out with the Mi Mix (review here) late last year, which has since turned into a super popular design. Apparently it’s not just the consumers that have taken a liking to the design, but fellow Chinese makers too.

    Find here the top 5 Chinese bezel-less phones that attempt to clone the Mi Mix!

    Top 5 Bezel-Less Mi Mix Clones from China

    1. Doogee Mix

    If you’ve been around a bit, you’ll have seen a bit of Doogee Mix news on GizChina. The company seem pretty serious with the Mi Mix cloning campaign… so much so that they’ve given their attempt at a replica the same name as the original — the Mix.

    It’ll most likely come with a MediaTek Helio processor unlike the Xiaomi Mi Mix, of course. On the up side, you should expect the phone to be a lot more affordable.

    2. Bluboo S1

    A recent announcement, the Bluboo S1 is yet another shot at cloning the fantastic Mi Mix. Interestingly, the Bluboo S1 will come with only a 5.5-inch display (compared to the 6.44-inch of the Mi Mix), which should make it an extremely compact phone, given there will hardly be any bezel on three sides out of four.

    This one will come powered with the MediaTek Helio P20, which in our opinion is a fairly good choice. It now depends on how well Bluboo price the phone…

    3. UMiDigi Crystal

    UMiDigi (earlier known simply as UMi) like to leave no stone unturned. Since their rebranding earlier this year, the company has churned out a couple of really nice phones and seem hungry for more.

    One of their future launches is the UMiDigi Crystal, a phone that takes a dig at the Mi Mix. However, like other phones in this list, the Crystal will be way more affordable than the Mi Mix.

    According to video blogger Charbax, the UMiDigi Crystal is in fact just $90 — a far cry from the asking price of the Mi Mix.

    4. IDWell D10, D10 Pro

    IDWell is a company that you probably wouldn’t have heard of before, and rightly so. From the looks of it, IDWell seem like an OEM that will usually make phones for other companies to brand and sell.

    So don’t be surprised if you see the same phone being sold under a different brand name in the coming few weeks or months. As you can see from the video above, the IDWell D10 and the D10 Pro will set you back upwards of $135… so these aren’t going to be the most inexpensive bezel-less phones that you will see this season.

    5. Elephone Concept

    Elephone concept

    What’s a list doing with Chinese phones without the mention of Elephone? The notorious maker from China is known to throw its hand at any and every market segment, and sometimes, doing it well.

    Elephone are now preparing an new phone which will… be built along the lines of the Xiaomi Mi Mix. There’s no name given to the project yet, and hence it’s only a concept so far. Interestingly, this Mi Mix clone from Elephone will feature a pop-out camera module. You can read more about it right here.

    You should expect to see some news having to do with this upcoming Elephone concept in the coming few days on GizChina.

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    • The Elephone MiX clone looks like having the smallest bottom bezel but I would prefer those with a physical home button.

      • But sadly the Elephone clone is only a render as of now while others are real devices.

      • balcobomber25

        But by the time it launches it will have a different name and completely different design.

        The Doogee is by far the worst tho as it looks like it has huge screen bezels.

    • Stiffmah

      No Maze Alpha?

    • justyfier


      • Joel Adames

        Man that’s the best design I’ve seen but for some reason is the worst combination of hardware of all of them.

        • justyfier

          it’s an oem so hardware can change

    • realjjj

      Stop being a fanboy, Xiaomi is not the creator of this kind of design no matter how desperate you are to put Xiaomi in a positive light.

      In fact, bezels are always shrinking, that’s a decade long trend and anything that evolves the design in that direction can’t be claimed by any one company.

      • Did you read the article?

        • Joel Adames

          Maybe he meant SHARP was first out with a similar idea with the Aquos line, …

          They were not successful because of not using other hardware performance parts and RAM and ROM and so and so, they just relied on design alone… I bet that as much as people praise the S8 and S8+ if they came with an sd810 and 3gbRam 32rom in this day and age things would be different.

      • balcobomber25

        Reading is very difficult for some people apparently.

    • balcobomber25

      When has Elephone ever done anything right??

      • Rob

        Maybe Yash wrote this 25 years into the future and has come back to notify us that one day elephone WILL do something right!

        • LOL

        • balcobomber25

          I would love to see how much *advertising* revenue this site receives from Elephone. It has become their personal hype machine. It’s sad because this used to be a great site for Chinese phone news/reviews.

        • Yeti hand


      • NextHype

        When they launch their advertising program using low-lives from around the web to post for them in exchange of a few cents.

        • balcobomber25

          That is one thing they are good at! False advertising.

    • Muhammad Yasir

      i have a slight reservation …

      umm , why is everyone thinking bald phones are bezeless ?

      MOST of the phone look like the just kill the upper bezel of the phone .. THE HORRIBLE black borders are still there on the sides and even on the forehead

      this is NOT bezelless ! for God’s sake …

    • Weng

      I hope all that come true..

    • Riccardo Benzoni

      a few observation:
      – Why putting a concept phone which may not even see the light of the day? There are at least a few other ones which are at least confirmed, like the Maze Blade for example.

      – After seeing the original, they all look like a fart because of the huge lower bezel, especially the Doogee (I believe the bluboo will look the same in the final stages). The flipped one concept makes sense, but it’s even uglier because of the damn huge bezel.
      At the end of the day, probably the Crystal seems like a decent option to try this clone-esque prducts, looks a bit more refined design-wise and it’s cheap, so no much complaints when the screen will crack after the first fall.

    • Michal Maudr DjLoutka

      IDWell D10, D10 Pro Comon!!! Why They call bezel-less just look at dimension its horrible big for 5.5

    • Ionut Johnny

      I like the doogee mix, like the colours especially.

      • GoldenBoy

        HD, not fullHD, screen.

    • Marc Professional


      Could you tell me, for you, who is the best phone between this three phone :

      umidigi crystal pro vd Doogee mix vd maze alpha

      Do you have any idea of release date for each one ?


    • Shashank Garewal

      “Hotwav Flames bezel less 6” this one is cool

    • Rockitfellow

      I think vkworld Mix Plus should be included. At least it is the most affordable one.