OnePlus teases a new OnePlus 5 variant

Today morning, OnePlus on its Facebook page added some more excitement to catch up the buzz around the OnePlus 5. The company posted a teaser image featuring the OnePlus 5 along with the captions ‘5omething New, Coming Soon’, which means we’ll get a new variant of the OnePlus 5 soon.

Now, whether this variant gives us new specs or a fresh paint job remains unknown. We suspect that it’s just going to be a new colour, as a Mint Gold OnePlus 5 was leaked back when the OnePlus 5 went up on TENAA’s website. It’s also possible that we’ll see a red variant as the captions are red.

While pricing shouldn’t change, there’s no information on the availability front, although given that the company has officially started building hype, launch shouldn’t be far off. Official teasers are usually a clear indication of an impending release.

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