Knock off iPhone 7 with dual cameras appears in China

Chinese phone makers aren’t afraid of jumping the gun when it comes to making knock off iPhones, with the newest being an iPhone 7 clone with dual cameras.

Over the years Chinese brands have managed to get an early look at Apple’s upcoming smartphones and produce clones even before Apple get’s it’s devices to the market. 

In recent times this has even had Chinese brands take legal action against Apple for patent and design infringements!

Earlier today a photo of what appears to be the iPhone 7 had shown up on the web, however on closer inspection has been revealed to be another knock off device.

The rose gold iPhone 7 clone features the new iPhone antenna design (nearer to the top and bottom edges of the phone) and a dual camera design in the top left hand corner. 

What tipped us off that this is a clone though is the fact the wording on the rear says “Designed in Taiwan Made in China”.

We’re not sure what the clone iPhone 7 is running under its skin or if those dual cameras are just for show or not, but the real question is will Apple face another lawsuit in China over the design?

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