UMI claims that the UMI Super battery can last up to 3 days

UMI Super is certainly one of the hottest and most discussed phones around the internet in the past days and UMI are of course trying to pump the interest up. Today they have released a claim that the UMI Super battery should be fine for 3 consecutive days of usage. All thanks to the 4000 mAh capacity and proper optimizations in the clean Android 6.0 OS. As for the fast charge support, Super should allegedly be able to charge up to 70 % in just half an hour.

For the best battery effectivity there is also a dedicated battery saver available, which can turn off the unnecessary backrground processes and apps, saving up to 10 % of batterz. Of course you can prolong the battery life by turning off 4G, GPS, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth when you don’t need them, turn down the display brightness or turn off some notifications. But that’s basic knowledge for every slightly advanced phone user so no need to dig too deep into that.

Second OTA update for the UMI Super should be available also later this week and futher battery optimisations are parts of the package.

If you would be interested in the phone you can take a look in here, where you can still register to get your $70 discount or even a chance to win free UMI Super or VR glasses.

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