LeEco teases launch of a new phone, dual cameras and SD821 rumoured

LeEco have released a teaser for an event that will happen in 6 days and reports suggest it will be a dual camera device.

This week we have seen plenty of Chinese brands named as possible companies to get the Snapdragon 821 in to a phone. Xiaomi, and Oppo are in that list, and now LeEco are there too with a phone that will launch in only 6 days time.

If you cast your minds back a few months you will remember that it was actually LeTV who revealed the first Snapdragon 820 phone so it isn’t inconceivable that they could also be first with a Snapdragon 821 device too.

The new phone is also though to the the first device from LeEco to have a dual camera design, and apparently an all new design too. 

In addition to the flagship phone, a mid-range dual camera phone could also make an appearance at the launch event too.

As for the teaser itself the image used shows a number 6, and a target which might hint at the camera features of the phone. The lower part of the logo could hint at a VR tie in too.

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