Xiaomi opens office in Brazil

xiaomi brazil
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It has been reported that Xiaomi have opened an office in Brazil and have already hired local staff in preparation to launch their phones in the country.

The plan was for Xiaomi to open the San Paulo office and begin selling Xiaomi phones, such as the Redmi, Redmi Note and Xiaomi Mi4, as soon as possible but issues with the local certification process has meant that it is taking longer than expected.

According to this report, Hugo Barra says it could take up to 12 months for Xiaomi phones to go on sale in Brazil.

Xiaomi are now officially available in China, Taiwan, Hong Kong, India, Malaysia and Singapore. There is also huge demand from fans for Xiaomi to enter U.S and European markets.

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  • Lolopo

    That would happen anyway. Brazilians will pretty much buy the Xiaomi Mi4 because Hugo Barra is one top man of Xiaomi.
    But i am afraid that the phones will cost more due the Taxes. Brazilian are well knows for its taxes fee

  • SuperDope

    like i said, stores open but nothing for sale, LOOOOOOL.

  • Tulio

    “but issues with the local certification process has meant that it is taking longer than expected.” Sadly this is normal in here. Anyway if they bring balance to the world(woops), if they bring MTK to our market i will be happy.

  • skykipe

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    • http://www.gizchina.com/ Andi Sykes


      • http://rangkaiankata.com/ Muhammad Hallala

        I have some information, that Foxconn (Manufacturer Factory of Xiaomi) have planned to build a factory in Indonesia, and some peoples said that the factory would be in 2 cities, first in Jakarta, and second in Yogyakarta. The first place in Jakarta that would be a marketing office, so it might be for Xiaomi, because Apple (apple store), Erajaya (marketing/phone shop), TAM (for BlackBerry), Globalteleshop (marketing/phone shop) are in the same management/owner here. And the information sources said that the Foxconn owner in Indonesia is also the same. First, they just sell the phones, and then manufacturing the phone after the factory has been built.

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  • junior_poa

    I wrote 5 months ago here: http://www.gizchina.com/2014/03/18/hugo-barra-hints-xiaomi-latin-american-launch-foxconn-visit/

    “I’m Brazilian.
    The taxes here are too high, then it is better to buy with prices bloated of resellers in China than buying here.”

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