Purported Oppo Find 9 spy photos surface

Purported Oppo Find 9 spy photos surface

oppo find 9

Around this time last year Oppo Find 7 leaks were beginning to surface a year on the Oppo Find 9 leaks are right on time!

With all the amazing phones which launched last year it feels like much longer than a year ago when we took part in the Oppo Find 7 launched and reviewed the flagship device (and the phone which eventually became the OnePlus One).

The Oppo Find 7 is still a fine device now, with great hardware , but it was always the long design of the phone which let it down. A much more compact body with similar size 5.5-inch display is what man of us hope for the Find 9, but if the leaked image about is revealed to be true we could be out of luck.

The spy photo claims to show a large screen with narrow edges. The front camera and receive have been moved closer to the top edge to make the most of the screen area. if you compare this to the Oppo R5 for example a lot of space could have been saved here.

Unfortunately there is no definitive proof that this really is the Find 9 front panel, but we are 100% that more leaks will be along very shortly for Oppo next generation flagship.

[ CNMO ]
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Hi, Robin Maxwell here! Mobile technology is my passions, and while I've been known to dabble with iOS devices I'm a firm Android convert, currently waiting for the Oppo Find 5 to launch!!
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  • Simon

    Would you go for the Oppo Find 9 or OnePlus Two ?

    • desponent


      • Simon

        What you buy in 2015 then ?

    • William Overmars

      I’m not sure now. I’m fairly sure they will have the same specs and history shows us that they will look similar but seeing this design of the phone, I’m not a big fan of it. While specs matter to me, The design does too and for me it doesn’t look that good. That’s why I’m leaning towards the Mi Note Pro.

      • Simon

        It will be a beast.

    • Luis Martinez

      Neither. Fun touch os is superior to color os in every way and the quality of vivo phones is far superior as well. I love BBK phones and have owned all of them yet in my experience with them I have determined that vivo phones are just too well built in all aspects.

  • Shade

    one plus one two, because oppo android updates is very poor, i had find 5 buy with 4.2.2 they promise kitkat and never update, so i sold and buy xiaomi – weekly updates…

    • Simon

      The Mi3 ?

      • Shade

        yes mi3w – cheaper than mi4 and almost same specs, i buy new for 160euros on aliexpress(on big sales) but another 40euros for customs duties.. oppo costs 300euros

        • Simon

          Nice, do you have the link for where you bought it on AliExpress ?

  • Kula

    This is the Oppo U3..

  • what about VIVO XPLAY 5S ???

    • Luis Martinez

      Omg that is the phone I’m personally waiting for. My xplay 3s is as great a ever and still the best Chinese phone other than the xshot

      • realy you got the xplay 3s ??? i never was able to find one for but i’m waiting the next generation sure i will get

  • HBK

    Waiting for the next gen Vivo Xshot.
    one of The best Smartphone Camera ive ever used.