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China Internet protocol

When most countries are concerned with maintaining the stability of the network in times of quarantine, China proposes to redesign the Internet protocol. According to …


According to a report, Facebook has been collecting users’ personal data for 3 years: nothing surprising is it? In reality the matter is much worse, …

Another take frm the rumor mill: gesture control on the Xiaomi Mi6 and Mi6 plus fingerprint sensors. This news comes just a few days before the launch.

Earlier today we were sent these photos from a reader who said they showed the new Xiaomi Mi Mix 2, but it didn’t take us long to realise that they’re something altogether different!


A leaked image of the UMi Z confirms the next UMi flagship will pack the latest and powerful Mediatek Helio X27 CPU. Let’s check it out.

coolpad leeco android phone leaked

A while back news of Coolpad and LeEco join forces shocked the Chinese smartphone world, now everyone is in for a shock again with the first phone from the collaboration.

meizu pro 6 pink and red

Meizu’s current top of the line phone, the Meizu Pro 6, has been spied in a couple of new colour options. There was a time …

meizu pro 5 ubuntu

For those of you rocking Ubuntu but what some more up to date hardware than what’s currently on offer, these spy photos of an Ubuntu Pro 5 are sure to get you giddy with delight.

vivo xshot3 spy photo

This is news that I have personally been waiting a very long time for! The first purported photos of the next Vivo Xshot3! This is what we have learned.

hasee HL9916004

TENAA documents first pointed at the existence of a new Hasee model (code named HL9916004) with fingerprint scanner, 2K display and 4GB RAM now we have exclusive leaked photos of what could be a deca-core device.

Today we got a early looking in the Huawei Ascend Mate S overall design. The phone that may be launched at IFA 2015 show up again in a couple of pictures.

blackview bv5000

Blackview are hoping to be your number one choice when venturing out in to the wilderness with a new rugged device called the Blackview BV5000.

siswoo r9 darkmoon spy

The dual screen Siswoo R9 Darkmoon has surfaced once again this time with photos showing the 2nd E-ink display in action.

meizu m2 note

In just a few weeks time the next Meizu smartphone will be unveiled China, but do we already have our first glimpse of the new mid range phone?

siswoo i8 leaks

Siswoo already have a couple of phones on sale already, the Siswoo Cooper i8 and the Monster R8. Now to fill the demand for a stylish mid-range phone meet the Siswoo i8 in these spy photos!

meizu mx5

Following on from rumours and renders of a possible Meizu MX5, we now have photos showing a real device!

vivo x5pro render

Today we have the first real images of Vivo’s newest model. Take a look at the Vivo X5Pro now in these early release photos.

elephone leak 2k phone

Elephone show a mystery phone with 2K display, Intel processor, 4GB RAM and an option to run either Windows 10 or Android 5.0.

oneplus budget

Weibo posters are reporting that the above image might be the first look at a new cheaper OnePlus model set for release sometime in the future.

letv x600 spy photos

The LetV X600 once again jumps on our screens before it has officially even launched in more leaked photos.